Friday, March 3, 2017

Lesson in "Stupid" Moments

Did you miss a step that eventually causes you to fall either buttock or head first?  Did you lost a grip on something that you are holding, leading it to fall, or worse than that break into pieces?  A notch higher: have you been outwitted, outsmarted, or worse than the first two, conned by someone?  Then we have “stupid” moments.  I did.  To describe this as “stupid” may be an offensive to some of you, opting to describe it as “tricked”, “fooled”, “conned”, “had an accident”, but believe me, “stupid” is the word used by some. 
Speaking of the last clause, let us go to this specific direction regarding “stupid” moments: why it happens when we least expected it?  Specifically, why does it happen to those wittier and smarter than us?  Let’s cut the chase: some people will really emphasize your “stupid” moments when it happens, using it as a joke or an epitome of stupidity, at the “stupid” person’s expense. There are people who always have the last words in the conversation when it’s not even necessary.  There are people who are really in the art of winning an argument.  People who will point that these things will not happen to them, but will happen to some people they know.  Then, voila, their stupid moment occurs. 
This is not about vindictiveness. The tendency is to focus more, or even correct, people for viewing things this way under the ground of revengeful, vindictive attitude, rather than the people who exhibited pride and arrogance.   Instead of vindication being highlighted, there are really some people who cannot admit nor apologize over their pride and arrogance for one reason or another, especially if they have the feeling that these people with “stupid moments” deserve such a “lesson”.  Thus, life itself gives them their own “stupid” moments.  If you happen to be that person, it’s not too late to admit it at least in your own self this: you had your stupid moments because you were mean to stupid people or people we dislike. You were arrogant in pointing out that stupid moments will not happen to you, but it can happen to some people you know.  Of course, these statements are refutable, rebuttable, and even discreditable especially when treated in an ad hominem fashion.  However, when people who will do so suddenly have their “stupid moments”, it’s at least one of the life’s lessons for them, especially if an apology is less likely.

We have our stupid moments because we are human beings who must be appreciative when he achieved an intellectual achievement, but at the same time, considerate to people who had his or her stupid moments. If we saw angst, rage, or in a Filipino pop culture term, “hugot”, then we took home the germs rather than the gems. More than the angst, rage, or “hugot” against arrogance is a message of encouragement: that, as a person who experiences “stupid moments”, serves as a person of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to people, especially when they had their own “stupid moments”.