Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Confounding the Superior Ones

I believe that one of the reasons why certain blessings, higher position, and similar things are given to people who are less qualified, or sometimes more idiosyncratic ones, than the person we know is because it is a lesson to those who belittle people and at the same time, it is a source of comfort for people who experiences bullying and belittling their capabilities. Some Bible verses stated this to a certain degree, like Ecclesiastes 9:11, which stated that, “…the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…nor yet FAVOUR TO MEN OF SKILL…but time and chance happeneth to them all” (all CAPS mine).  Another verse, stated this, but oftentimes it is being referred in the calling to the ministry, but it gives a strong statement to those who rely on their superior intelligence and skills: 1 Corinthians 1:27. According to that verse, “…God hath chosen the WEAK THINGS OF THE WORLD TO CONFOUND THE THINGS WHICH ARE MIGHTY.” (again, all CAPS mine).  The Bible itself is clear: it is under the hand of God whom He will give the blessing and certain positions of power, He sometimes gave it to less qualified (not unqualified I assume), just to serve as a reminder to people of superior skills and intelligence. When I mention intelligence, it’s not restricted to “book smarts”, but also street smarts who have the habit of laughing, outwitting, and pinning down “book smarts” just to prove they are better, even if there are no literal ribbons and cash prize at stake, just their ego. They may cry foul, unfair, injustice, and suppressed when it was given to “weaklings”, but wait, these same people make fun of people with less skills and intelligence than they are. Part of my natural humanity cries out to me, “serves them right.” True, their skills and intelligence are indeed superior to these people, but sometimes, it is attitude, not altitude.

This same type of people selectively and suddenly became stupid, wondering why these so called “weaklings” got the promotion, or is richer than they are, or they got the connection to the most elusive connection to an individual or significant group. They have forgotten to look within themselves. After all, they can’t and will never give these “weaklings” the comfort and encouragement, and will add insult to the injury. Because of their pride, they will never ask for any verbal or even “body language” apology. Hence, these blessings serve as comfort to them. After all, you bullies won’t give it anyway. Slightly off-topic, this is also the reason why atheists are usually bullies, they feel that religion, or the existence of a rewarding or vindictive God, are only for, well, weaklings. Actually, that kind of illusion is convenient for them, because after all, they don’t want blessings and rewards to these “weaklings”, they wanted it for themselves in a proud and unapologetic manner. 

People reading this may see the angst and sharp point of the article, but definitely, ignoring the reality that people of less qualification got the blessings is because, aside from God’s grace, it’s also a comfort from your type, who do not sympathize, but rather blames the "weaklings". You are such a character if you are like that.

So, the next time you were passed over a promotion, seeing a weirdo or “dumb dumb” or “bobo” or klutz became richer than you are, ask yourself: what arrogant move did you do against these people? Who did I make fun of? Who did I belittle? Who, out of disgust and plain dislike to a person, I outwitted to the point of shutting him or her up? Unapologetic and still you feel that you didn’t get what you deserve? Serves you right.

To the people who were belittled, bullied, and demeaned, but are now being blessed or in a higher position, despite a better, more qualified person for that, what you got right now is an indication of God’s grace. God is indeed there. He exists, not as just a watching figure, but as an active participant, Who will always prove His existence, and grace.

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