Friday, November 8, 2013

Prostitutes and gold diggers, and why I prefer to befriend the first one (Part 3)

3)      Prostitutes ask directly for money with your consent, while gold diggers swipe you under your noses.  You don’t have to go to meet a prostitute to know this one.  Prostitutes will give you her price IF you ask her.  If you don’t like the price or if you don’t want the service or that act to begin with, she’ll just turn her back on you and go to her next potential salivating costumer.  Thanks to the internet, other costumers will just ask for her.  Simple as that.  Well, you may get mad because your carnal urge was not satisfied, but at least you’re out of trouble and out of further stress in the quickest time possible. 


Gold diggers, on the other hand, are getting money from you right under your noses.  It doesn’t have to be only for her consumption.  After all, one of the motivations of gold diggers is to help their own family.  Gold diggers say they’re helping their family, but in reality, it is mostly her husband/boyfriend/sugar daddy/benefactor who help her family WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE.  Some men are quick enough to see this, others, unfortunately, are not.






4)      Prostitutes are not self-righteous, but gold diggers look down on prostitutes, even if they are similar.  Prostitutes know that what they are doing is wrong.  Period.  Yes, they talk loud, they make fun of their activity, but it is all for a show.  Let us remember they have to be strong or sometimes show a tough exterior because they know they are looked down.   Yes, they lie to hide their profession at times, but most probably, because they don’t want their personal marred up.  Usually, the lying happens when the prostitute decided to retire and want to have a decent family or a decent job.  For some reasons, it is not even lying if you’ll look at it closely.  In my opinion, in this situation, it only becomes a lie when somebody asks her, but if no one’s asking, it is not lying.  A prostitute doesn’t want to go to church, but some does and makes a confession.  They know that despite of the flaws of religions, its leaders, and followers, they still acknowledge the church or the temple as a place of worship and holiness. If a prostitute, or even a pimp, came across a Christian or a “good boy” persona, they’ll show you a big amount of respect by going away from Mr. Christian guy.  In fact, the pimps and hookers feel who the good guys are by just looking.      



Gold diggers tend to be self-righteous.  They have an “at least I’m not a Nazi” attitude.  Because of self-righteousness, they resort by lying their way out whenever they are confronted.  Sometimes, they are fault finders, basically because they themselves are very flawed and are hiding it.  They look down at prostitutes and say that at least they’re not like them.  Bluntly?  In my opinion, they are worse than them because of self-righteousness and deceit.  Gold diggers can come in to churches unaware.  Because they are not prostitutes, and some more clever diggers shut their mouth inside the church, they even pass as good church attenders.  With no record of prostitution and especially married gold diggers doing it legally via marriage, their secret is oh-so-safe.  After all, we must mind our own business and not meddle with married couple problems, right? 

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