Friday, November 22, 2013

Prostitutes and gold diggers, and why I prefer to befriend the first one (Last Part)

Some of you may think that this writer is being unfair on people who demonstrated gold digging attitudes.  You don’t need to be smart to figure it out.  Maybe you’ll lay down stories upon stories why gold diggers become gold diggers to understand where they are coming and why they are doing it.  However, let us not forget that most of us ignore or don’t know the fine line between prostitution and gold digging.  For some, this can be considered as an alternate perspective that most of us may have ignored.  In addition, the views that were written in this multiple-part article are not an official viewpoint of the church that the writer is affiliated.  Most probably, the views that were just written may not be a common view or opinion of the members of the church that this writer is affiliated.  This can be disagreed, ridiculed, rebutted, or worst among all, ignored entirely.  If this happens, it is their right and must be respected, just like the way the views that were written here must also be respected.


Despite the beating that gold diggers received, there is a reality that both prostitution and being a gold digger is a sin.  The root gold digging is covetousness.  Prostitution, in my opinion, stems from fornication and adultery.  However, what makes a prostitute better than gold diggers is something that is mentioned during the first part of this article: that they know that they are doing the wrong thing.  Just like the publican in the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican, Jesus Christ didn’t praise the public for his actions and past deeds (NO WAY!); he was praised for his humble acknowledgment that he is a sinner.  The publican is so humble he can’t even look up at heaven.  Gold diggers are more like the Pharisees; they brag what they do right, like being generous but ignores what they do wrong – gold digging.


Both the prostitutes and gold diggers, at the end of the day, are totally depraved individuals who need God’s grace in order to be saved and for their lifestyles to end.  Meaning, they are just like the rest of us.  May God’s grace and our healthy acknowledgment of our own limitations and shortcomings surround us!

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