Friday, November 22, 2013

Prostitutes and gold diggers, and why I prefer to befriend the first one (Part 4)

5) Prostitutes don’t want to have kids, while gold diggers, on certain extent, really wanted to have kids. Okay, before you react, let me explain that first sentence.  Prostitutes, contrary to the popular belief, don’t want to have children.  Why?  For starters, it’s another mouth to feed.  It’s a headache because of their line of work.  After all, they go out at night and went home early the next morning.  Normally, they have no one to take care of their kids.  Even if she has a husband/live-in partner (who normally doesn’t know her activity), maternal instinct will kick in.  In addition to that, she is fully aware of what will happen if other people in her community found out about her job.  Chances are, their kids will be scolded, bullied, harassed by some people, calling them names, even if the parent’s sin will not automatically be their children’s.  I do believe that this one plays in their mind.  Being maternal themselves, most hookers don’t want kids to drag in their own trouble, unless she loses her morality drastically.  On the practical side, getting pregnant will leave them jobless for at least 6 months.  This is bad for her job.  Plus, having kids will have problems with their figure.  Bad body figure? Expect her price to be cheaper than before.


Gold diggers, on the other hand, really want to have kids, or at least one, to their partner, be it her husband, boyfriend, or benefactor.  THE CHILD SERVES AS HER LEVERAGE TO HER PARTNER WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH AND HER TICKET FOR A BETTER LIFE IF EVER HER PARTNER STARTED TO DESPISE HER WHEN SHE GETS OLD OR ANY OTHER REASON.   A BABY IN HER TUMMY IS ANOTHER GOLD DIGGING OPPORTUNITY.  Never wonder if ever baby comes first before marriage, or maybe, no marriage will ever take place.  For diggers, she hits the jackpot if the baby turns out to be a girl, because the “gold digging legacy” continues.  After all, some have a mindset that if she grows up and find a man that is well-off, well, you know, I don’t need to mention the details.

6) Prostitutes leave prostitution in a faster rate than gold diggers leave their gold digging attitude.  Prostitutes, because of their fast shelf life in the “industry”, retire early.  Because of their continuous hazards and risks, most, if not all, quit in their late 30s or at most, late 40s (there is a documentary that this writer watched about 2 years ago or more that deals with prostitutes who are certified grandmothers, but that was a different story and a rarity).  If they are not sick or dead, they either become pimps (or the handler) or they work and start a family.  Some even go back to school to finish their formal education.


If unrepentant of her ways, the gold digger’s mentality doesn’t really die down with age.  After all, especially if a gold digger got married to a “jackpot”, all they’ll do is just give what her clueless male partner wants (that will not jeopardize her cover) until she can finally get her fortune.  If left unchecked, sometimes, it makes them better gold diggers.   Gold diggers, if ever they stop doing so, focus on their kids if ever they have one.  Some even had created a more subtle approach.  Sad as it seems, in some cases, the true color only shows upon the death of her rich, clueless husband/partner. 

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