Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prostitutes and gold diggers, and why I prefer to befriend the first one (Part 1)

We all know what prostitutes do.  Sex for a price.  Gimmick. Walking. Candy. Name it.  Ask for it, but with a price.  What price?  Well, aside from money, the tendency that you’ll get STD. Worse than that, is the mental or literal tag of the squeaky clean ones in the church as if sex outside marriage is the only sin  in the world, and not lying, dividing the brethren, etc.


Some are familiar with gold diggers beyond the word itself.  Actually, gold diggers are social climbers to the next level.  However, they go to the extent of having a relationship or even marrying someone just because he or she is rich and famous. 


However, why shall I rather make friends with prostitutes rather than social climbers and gold diggers?  Am I out of my mind?  Well, about my insanity, if you define insanity as weird, eccentric, and out of this world, well, I am insane.  However, if you define insanity in its clinical, psychiatric sense, then I am of sound mind, maybe sounder than some of you (as a sound mind doesn’t live their life on the error throwbacks of other people). Here is the list:
1)  For starters, prostitutes know that their job is wrongful in the first place, while gold diggers rationalize or justify their act in a surprising manner.  Because of this, they know and are ready for guys who will treat them wrongfully, plainly because they are whores.  Hence, they tend to speak tough or talk trash, sometimes not because they meant it, but because they have to do it.  It’s their defense or coping mechanism.  After all, we all know how most guys behave when they hire them.  Plus, their job is dangerous on their part also. We’ll not dig into that.  However, since they know that their job is wrong in the first place, they know their place in the society.  In fact, some even go to church for weekly confessions. 


Gold diggers, on the other hand, justify in a surprising way why they have to do it.  In fact, their rationalization is so outstanding you might be convinced that their act is not wrong to begin with.  Gold diggers will even resort to manipulation and deception to make it appear that she’s just there because she loves Mr. Rich-and-famous Guy.  Gold diggers will rationalize their act by saying, “at least I don’t sell my body like a whore”.  However, these gold diggers may not have realized (or are aware of it) that they’re making a fool out a man.  Because she compared herself better than prostitutes, chances are, she is also self-righteous.  Because of the self-righteous tendency, they don’t confess their gold digging sins to God, unlike some prostitutes do.   Nowadays, when even churches banner the “love is good, but we need cash” mantra, some girls took this to wrong context (or maybe found a notable ally in this excuse), so they had a relationship and get married to a guy for security, not for love.  Now, what about places with dowry in their culture?  Well, that is another story.   
(to be continued)

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