Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The May Chronicle (Part 7)

Please read the lesson of this article.  Let us not be feministic or macho or “I have no mark of public disciplinary action, why believe in you?” attitude for a while.  Here it is: flee fornication.  Avoid premarital sex if you can.  It’s for your own good and your girlfriend’s good as well.  I’m not being rude to the woman-kind, but let us consider this as a reminder: guys, say “No” even if the girls are the ones doing to the inviting.  The inviting comes in different forms.  The too-close touch.  The sweet “younger sister” approach.  In itself, it’s not wrong, but, like Dr. Kevin Bauder said, “we cannot be too careful.”  In other words, “better safe than sorry”.   Guys and gals, I’m not saying that all women are like this, but if a woman seduced a man, she knows what she is doing, and she knows how to get out of it when the going gets tough.  Be careful guys.  Girls, don’t put yourself in a situation that you’ll look like flirting.  I know women, even unbelieving ladies, who know how to behave well with respect without looking snobbish.  They are friendly, but not flirt.  At the end of the day, girls receive the tapping while guys receive the beating.  Why?  It is because our society works that way. 



Guys and gals, please, be very careful on the favors that you are granting, even if the person asking the favor is your sweetheart.  No, I’m not saying that you don’t trust your partner.    What I am saying is that if we decided to help a person or granted a person’s requests, we are ready and aware of its consequences.   Because at the end, once your actions are made, especially if these actions are crazy and bad ones, you can’t point your fingers on other people who tricked you in doing things.  After all, it is YOU who did it in the first place.  IN THIS WORLD, MANIPULTORS ARE RARELY ACCOUNTABLE.  The one who DID the act are the ones TOTALLY responsible.  What?!  Conspiracy?  It’s only applicable when someone is murdered.  Standup comedian and actor Vice Ganda said it right when he poked fun on a politician and when people laughed out loud: “Sa tawanan, sama-sama tayo, pero sa barilan AKO NA LANG MAG-ISA?!” (“In laughter, we are together, but when the gun points our way, I’M ALONE?!”)  Sad but true.  Well, I’m not being un-teachable or stubborn or unaccepting with the outcomes; I’m just showing the reality.  This is not only applicable to partners who are engaged in premarital sex.  This is also applicable on money and time management matters.  If it is non-negotiable, say NO.  This is hard, but don’t let guilt trips affect you.  Some people have a nasty habit on stepping on your ego or feeling in an un-Biblical manner when they didn’t get what they wanted.  When that happens, it only indicates that you did the right thing for now.  Besides, if the people are really sincere, the content and circumstances will speak for themselves.


There are many details still untold.  For some with long held beliefs on how women and men must deal with things, you will be very much against me.  Despite that, I will never be against someone who had long held beliefs on this matter.  I respect their feelings.  That month of May indeed was so memorable to me.

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