Friday, June 21, 2013

The May Chronicle (Last Part)


BUT THE MONTH OF MAY FOR ME IS NOT ALL TRAUMATIC, TRAGIC, AND DEPRESSING.  In fact, it has its share memorable, yet positive experience for me, one of the best things that happened to me.  However, it will wait for now. Some people can be mean when they hear stories like this.  They’re acting that they have bigger problems than this “drama”.  I understand and respect those people, BUT I do believe that problems are equal; it is human beings that are not. 


In all of this, let it not be said that I’m pointing fingers, blaming people.  If you think that I am hitting anyone here, you’re still in your fish bowl I guess, but I will respect that.  The approach of this chronicle maybe condescending, but I hope that I have mentioned my side. 


This chapter of my life will never be forgotten.  In fact, even if I try, it will not go away.  Adding to that are people who will ask you, not because of concern, but because they are being mean.  Some Christians will mention to you Philippians 3:13 not for encouragement but as a “shut up” mechanism.  I am not bitter; I just have what they call a good autobiographical memory.  In all of this, my life continued.  Like I said, I just put these memories in writing.  I saw people forgotten, their side of the story buried with them.  Even with autobiographies and biographies for their defense, they are still forgotten.  Yea, definitely I will be forgotten by my church mates and even by people I have called my friends.  However, let it be known to them that I tried and did my best to give my side.    


Thank you very much for reading this with an open heart and mind.        

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