Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back to the Basics...of Basics and Preferences

Preference and Basics

No, I'll not contend, confront, protagonise, even antagonise schools of thought, be it in Philosophy, Theology, Liberal Arts, 
Preference.  Like I always say, I am not an expert or formally educated into those disciplines. 

What we shall try to do is to clearly define two terminologies prevelant whenever discourses and discussions are made: preference and basic. Correct the grammar if you want, you may also put it as "preferred" and "basic".  Through this effort of defining these two terms  near-clearly, if not very clearly, there is a possibility that we can draw the line and a possible introspection or self examination.

The term "preference" comes from the word "prefer".   "Prefer" comes from the Latin word "praeferre", a combination of two words "prae" (before) and "ferre" ("to carry", hence the word "ferry" rings a bell). Combining these words mean "to carry before".  Digging deeper into this word, prefer indeed implies options or choices. You "carry" the chosen thing/person/idea "before" the other things/persons/ideas.  The word was first used in the 14th century.

Basic, on the other hand, comes from the word "base", which comes from the Latin word "basis". The Greek form of "base" was defined as "step".  By digging to this, indeed, basic is anything about what is "being STEPped upon", which is the ground. That's why "base" is also used to describe low forms of people, which is not appropriate to talk about as it is offensive. Going back, base is the ground, the foundation, the essence, the important ones. It was said that this word was first used in the 13th century.

Basic things are things that are important in life. Food, shelter, clothing, are said to be the three basic physical needs of man. Without one of these things, we shall not survive, whether we like it or not.  Preferred things are things that are picked by choice. We are confronted with two choices, choosing one from the other will not make you less of a person.  When you chose between two non essentials, you will choose one depending on your personality, background, etc. However, when confronted with a choice between the basic and preferred things, and there are no options, definitely we choose what is basically needed. now, ignoring the basic in favor of the preferred will be described by the observers as crazy or stupid. Mix the definition of the two? Now that is dangerous.   I am not pointing specifics here. These things are somewhat applicable in every facets of discipline.

Now those last sentences may serve as insights. May we have drawn the line intelligently, gracefully and with wholesome sincerity.

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