Thursday, April 18, 2013

Partly our Fault

My generation is filled with rants regarding weak men. I’ll not disagree. In fact, I agree.

In my opinion though, it is partially our fault why men are starting to be timid when it comes to leadership. We somehow groomed them wrong. We groomed them to be respectful, which I personally agree. However, silence and inaction indirectly become a virtue. As parents we are enjoying the obedience whether we admit or not. We never taught them to ask questions. We equated self-expression with sarcasm, arrogance, and even rebellion. We never taught them the thin line between asking a question and questioning the authority itself. Obedient indeed…or maybe not. We produce YES-MEN. YES-MEN that will eventually find the nearest exit when the going gets tough. Why? Because that is the ultimate expression of their very own selves. Then, when the times that they needed to convey the messages, what shall we hear? Choppy words. Maybe some stutter. Or maybe no words, just surprising actions. Why? That’s the effect of teaching men the obedience we desired, not merely obedience because of orderliness’ sake.

Women, we used medium, or even media, to assert our rights. Women needed to be treated with respect; I agree with that. Women needed to be understood in their mood swings. Again, I agree with that. There are many other things. However, why are we surprised that our MANkind are a bunch of cowards and under-de-sayas? IT’S OUR FAULT! We taught them things way back when these men are still kids, not because they need to do so, but because we only or mostly wanted to be served that way. Now, we may point out that men need to compartmentalize their thoughts, but can we actually practice those ourselves? Or you'll use the gender as an excuse?  What next?  Call these outspoken guys gay merely they're expressing some condescending, yet reasonable opinion?  In other words, we taught future men called kids because we wanted to be benefited in the future.  However, by doing so, other rabid, manipulative users became the beneficiary of the values we have taught them.  Worst, we never benefitted for the so called gallant, chivalrous gentlemen we are trying to create.   By creating the so called self perceived gentlemen, we ended up producing cowards, under-de-sayas, indecisive, even a bunch of timid stutterers.

Enough of blaming, the damage was done, and we’re all grown up before we have figured that out. Now, the men’s challenge to be better and firm leaders depends on how we can unlearn these certain things that were taught to us. We have no choice. We have to. We may not be understood, but at thelong run, we shall see the results. Real men have no choice but to be responsible to their own actions, despite the errors of our subcultures that were fed to us.

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