Saturday, July 21, 2012

I know nothing…I Am Nothing

No, I am not a fan of Socrates, and yes, I made fun of my first name. The made-up acronym of my first name is often used as a light humor by fellow Christians and those familiar with Christianity. I Am Nothing. Despite the humor of this, it is true: I am nothing. Like Socrates puts it, I know that I know nothing. This is not self-pity, but not to be used as a way to add insult to a perceived injury. This is not self-pity; this is reality. I have proven this many times. I need to read things first, spent nights thinking things over. This is not envy, but a shout to reality. While I take things seriously on text based materials, others have the gift of just browsing it, and coming up with the answers. While I join the games to have fun, others see it as a competition. They win. I lose. I heard that he who asks the questions is the one in charge. I was asked right and left. I perceived they are in charge. Then, let them do the winning. Let them do the charge. Yes, they know better, I’ll just write things down, literally or figuratively. They are a bunch of gifted ones indeed. Yes, I know nothing, I am nothing. Others have this uncanny gift for analysis, able to answer the whys and the what-ifs of a given situation. I need late night sleeps in order to answer certain things that others just do in a breeze. Since I know nothing and I am nothing, I will consider myself a constant learner. Stubborn learner, but still, I’m a learner. This constant learner will not stop in learning, be it the soft way or the hard way. These eyes, I assumed, are made with a purpose other than just seeing. Since I don’t know what are the other ultimate purposes, I’ll just read and see things. If I saw and read it wrong, it’s alright, I don’t know anyway, hence, I will learn. I know nothing, and I am nothing. Hence, I am a learner. Ill made? Bad literature? Bad prose? Worthy of indifferences? It’s okay. This was made by someone who knows nothing and is nothing.

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