Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pseudonyms, pen names, and real names

Writing in pen names or pseudonyms had been going for centuries. For the sake of time, I'll not dig into the history and the people who are into pseudonyms both past and present. Let's cut into the chase. I'm not a fan of pseudonyms, although I admire some works created by writers who happens to use pseudonyms. In fact, one of my influences in comic strip drawing is a man who uses the pseudonym Lyndon Gregorio.

When I started writing, I use my real name. One magazine call this attitude a rock star/metal attitude in a sense that opinions were made and they know EXACTLY who mentioned those opinions. It's not arrogance; it's being responsible and accountable. It is also a good control measure because people know your real name. If they know your real name, you'll be careful enough by being responsible in your opinion. You'll practice the "think before you click" attitude, and not the "blurt out before you block" attitude.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that people who write with pen names and pseudonyms are automatically irresponsible writers. Please consider the words as a brotherly reminder.

This day and age made way to the new breed of writers. Indeed, the Internet created new writers, regardless of profile. I don't know if how long they've been writing, but definitely Internet have been their springboard.

There are Christian writers who made use of the Internet in order to express themselves. In fact, some have used pen names and pseudonyms. Despite my dislike for pseudonyms, as brother in Christ, let us be reminded to use it to good use. Use it to give good reminders. However, let us also remember that if ever we hit on matters like sin, let's do the "hate the sin, not the sinner" attitude. Let us remember that there is a thin line between righteous indignation and self-righteous hate. Despite being writers, we are not audience to the ills of society, both inside and outside real Christianity. We are in it. We may not be of this world, but we are living IN this world. Some Christian writers are condescending. Some are humorous. Some are point blank logical. Some are tactful and brotherly. Some don't want to be categorized in all of he aforementioned approaches. Despite of the different approaches, let's not point out that we are not perfect, yet we hit and act like one, especially if we are hitting on our spiritual brethren. Let's not act like Big Brother, lurking like an authoritative audience. After all, as long as we're human, we are involved.

As Christian writers, with or without pen names, let us be examples of God's grace by loving our own and not by hitting the, like lightning to the metal rod. Let us learn from Pastors. They hit behind the pulpit, yet they demonstrate love and care after the sermon was preached. Real brotherly love is expressed by having a broken heart every time owe hit the sin of the fellow sinners only saved by grace. Doing otherwise is pure hate, and worse than that, sadism. A true intellectual will not use his or her own gender or the hormones underlying it when writing. He or she writes because it is point blank honest, yet sincere. He or she doesn't under the guise of honesty just to display pure hate and practical fault finding.

Despite our differences, fellow Christian writers, be it pseudonyms or real names, my respect is on you....and so does my concern.

Keep on writing!

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