Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Happy New Year! As of this writing, 4 days ago, 2012 started. Normally, the articles or the write-ups usually belong to these categories: reflection from the year that passed (which is 2011), New Year’s resolutions, and articles deviating from the aforementioned two categories (to make the article a bit unique). Instead of acting like an audience, please allow me to write one. I don’t know what categories this one will eventually become, but let me assure this: it’s a piece of my mind and, figuratively, heart.

The year 2011 for me is generally a good year for me. Definitely, the best event of my life that year is that I got married. Indeed, it’s really a happy experience to get married to someone that you truly love, and at the date that you and your wife had chosen. Not only that, I saw that both sides (my wife’s side and my side) are happy with us getting married. This is indeed God’s grace because there are married couples whose in laws on each other’s side are not in good terms. My Mom and her mother gave us their full blessing. My immediate relatives went to Silang, Cavite for the pamamanhikan, as a support on my decision. On the other side, my wife’s relatives (20 of them more or less) went to her house to give their support. I was literally speechless. I have seen this marriage as a way of God telling me that He’s been gracious to me even at the times that I felt He’s not.

2011 is also the year that I have seen how God makes things fair on people. I’ll not give the details, but I am witness how He makes things fair from one person and another. This is the reason, why, recently, I began to put articles regarding God’s grace. I admit, in the past, I get easily frustrated because I did something wrong or other people did me wrong. God used His blessings and His justice (or to certain extent, vindication) as a reminder that I should not do things my way. Yes, a Christian must live a good example just like I Timothy 4:12 is saying. However, it should not be my way and effort, but it should be by His grace.

I really thanked God for the memorable 2011. This 2012, may our lives as true believer exemplify God’s grace. Let’s be reminded that everything good in us as believers, it is. Yes, we have chosen it, but God used the Holy Spirit’s leading, the circumstances, and events for us to lead into us being good. Let God’s grace truly flow in our life this year.

Happy New Year. Welcome 2012!

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