Monday, January 16, 2012


The aforementioned word is actually the name of my dog. Her breed (Yes. She’s a female dog)? I don’t know…I DON’T CARE. I admit mistaking her for certain breeds. Finally, when I asked the nearby veterinarian, she’s not also certain. This have led me being slightly made fun and ridiculed of by some. Oh well, I am not familiar with dog breeds. Hence, I no longer care, but at least I asked.

Dweezel came to our house in Quezon City because my wife asked me to adopt her. So tiny and her eyes bluish and her paws pinkish (not to mention her white coat), she’s cute. However, I told my then-girlfriend (now wife) that it’s additional work. We already have a dog that I can’t even feed with ease, Kulit. Eventually, I said yes.

I can’t forget how we travel her from my wife’s hometown in Silang to Quezon City and back. For the first time, I go to the veterinary clinic, paid for her shots, including the anti-rabies shot. I admit, my Mom doesn’t want another dog in our house because it’s additional work. However, I insisted. Personally, I learned from Kulit. He (Kulit) is not familiar with me, hence I can’t feed him with ease. This time, if ever I will own a dog, I should see to it that the dog “knows” me and my wife. This is the reason why I personally feed her when housekeeper’s not around, and on occasion, talk to her (my wife also do that sometimes).

I’m not an enthusiastic dog owner. However, it makes me and my wife smile every time neighborhood kids will approach and touch our dog. They find her adorable and friendly.

Whether we admit it or not, our attitude toward owning pet/s and the way we treat them reflect who we are. Some of us will really try owning an expensive breed for one reason or another, and this reflects who we are. There are pet owners who are collectors. They are familiar with breeds, hence they’ll be excited if they heard that a nearby dog is a Siberian Huskies or a Labrador. These types of pet owners are characterized with the collectors. Since pets can be quite messier than collectable objects like cars, motorcycles, etc, this type of pet owners are contented with talking about breeds enthusiastically. They’ll get excited if their breed will be cross bred with another imported breed.

There are pet owners who are quite posh. They’ll own lightweight and small breeds that they can put on a hand bag. They’ll bring them with them on establishments like malls or parks. They buy their pets with cribs, clothes, and the likes. Normally, these types of pet owners are the outgoing, friendly type.

This type of pet owner is the one that I don’t personally like. There are pet owners who own “high end” breed because it’s a reflection of their competitive spirit. However, when left unchecked, this competitive spirit gives them pride, which leads to arrogance. After all, if I can own an expensive or a bit unique (euphemism intended) breed of pet higher than the rest of the people I know, why not? This arrogance also leads them to ridicule another pet owner who doesn’t know a thing. It’s funny to certain extent, but thinking introspectively, how will you feel if you are ridiculed on something that you are not familiar, especially if you are not acting like Mister or Miss Know-it-All?

As for me, despite of her annoyances sometimes, I like my dog Dweezel. I adopted her because I chose to adopt her, regardless of the breed. I am familiar with the shots that she needs to have every year. I know that she likes milk. I know that she’s a meat eater and dog food eater, unlike Kulit who can settle for bread and veggies. Like I said, I and my wife smile when we see neighborhood kids touch her. When she poops in unnecessary places, I have a hesitant feeling to “punish” her (although I eventually do it because it’s part of the training).

I was told (and a bit laughed) by someone that it’s a wrong thinking that the way we treat our pet indicates how shall we treat our future kids. That person said it well. However, I can say with confidence that our attitude why we own a certain pet, and how we treat them and other pet owners, reflect who we are.

Cheers. Happy Monday.


Taís said...

I agree with you, here in Brazil are also so many people think that a dog is only worthy of love if he race. My dog ​​does not have race and is the best dog in the world for us today is almost impossible to believe that one day she was abandoned on the street.

Ashlyn said...

my dogs r picky so we provide them with everything they need because me and my family luv them they r soooo luvable dogs :)

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Goda said...

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