Friday, November 11, 2011

The Lady's Choice

The Lady's Choice

No, I'll not talk about a brand of mayonnaise, which is my favorite by the way. In the single's world, basically, especially here in the Philippines, it is the guys who make the move, and it's the girls who choose. Be it old fashioned courtship or the modern approach, it is the girls who choose the guys. In the animal kingdom, the male peacock have better colors than the female ones, still, it is the female peacock who decides which male peacock she will have for mate.

Normally, guys are raised with certain opinions on what guy will be chosen by a girl. Some of those things are not even opinions; some of those are even Biblical truths. Typical Christian bachelors, especially who is really serving God, adhere to this very much. For example, a Christian girl must choose a Christian guy, therefore, Mr. Christian Bachelor, assumed that his competition will be narrowed down to only Believers. Mr. Christian Bachelor will do his best to be the best gentlemen not only in the church, but also outside the church. He'll be the poster boy of being the nice boy. He'll groom his way. Pinched himself with masculine perfume. If he's a college graduate, he'll work and earn. This will attract women, Christian women to be in particular, right? Not all the time.

Chances are, when Mr. Christian Bachelor was rejected by a woman he is interested, it comes to a point he'll not attend the church. Poor thing. Reality bites. Christian women will choose what they still want, even to the point of disregarding Biblical standard. It's unfair, isn't it? Quite a bit, but not much. Christian women are still women. They choose the guys, even if their local Pastor will not like their choice. Guys, I understand what you feel when you're rejected, despite doing your best, even to the point of being Mr. Poster boy. I understand some bitterness when we're busted. Still, it is the woman who makes their choice on this, no matter how ugly or low standard (so to speak) their choices might be.

A guy is not chosen by particular groups of women plainly because he's not their choice. Let's not pity ourselves so much like we're a bunch of losers. No you're not. There are girls who are into geeky guys, there are girls who are into goody boy, elite school look. It's shallow, you might say. Wait, there are girls who are into the "deep, thinking, poetic" type. I still believe that each guy will find the girls who will choose them. This also applies to Christians. Your job, guys, is to find the Christian girls who will choose you. Effort on that, guys, effort.

Don't worry guys. If these ladies didn't choose you and they end up miserable, it's not your fault. After all, they made the choice, not you.

We may shake our heads as Christian ladies choose unbelieving men over Christian guys, regardless of the obvious verse in the Bible. Still, it's not in us to choose. It's theirs. Don't be sad if you're busted, though that feeling is understandable. You're not their choice. Period. No more. No less. For the mean time, just do your best to make yourself better by God's grace. Focus. Serve God. Love your family.

It's Ladies' choice...just get over it...smoothly.

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