Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forms of speech and listening

Preparing the Speech

Factors to Consider in Choosing a subject:

Their chronological age
Their intellectual level
Their cultural development
Their vocations and avocations
Their political and religious beliefs
Their attitudes towards particular groups
Their economic status and special interests


When we are talking to someone, we are expecting that someone to listen to us. This is also applicable when having a public speech. The problem? Listening is a tough thing to learn, because this means turning yourself OFF.

How do you create an animated, enthusiastic, interested group of listeners?

Consider the physical aspects of listening.
Look at them so as to establish mental contact with them.
Think of your audience as a mirror image of yourself.
Put yourself in the role of a listener.
Interview someone.

Five types of speech

Impromptu talk
Extemporaneous talk
Memorized speech
Speaking from a manuscript
Speaking with notes

Speeches for Special Occasions

The Interview
The Introduction
The Announcement
The Welcome Talk
Nomination and Acceptance of Nomination Speech
Presenting and Receiving of Awards Speech
The Radio or Television Talk

Speaking with a Definite Purpose
Informative Speech
Inspirational Speech
Entertaining or Graceful Speech
Persuasive Speech
Argumentative Speech

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