Friday, June 10, 2011

Made in 15 minutes...more or less

Will my writing stop even during my married life? No. So that means I’ll continue? Yes, IF God still gives me the hands to type or write what I call “pseudo-article” (I still admire the bloggers around. My, they’re awesome), an eye to see what I’m writing, and a sanity to know what I am writing.

I admit that married life makes me find time to do this hobby. After all, first thing is first. In addition, I made a sudden career change which I decided during summer. I’m in what they call “in a honeymoon” stage of marriage. I don’t know what they are really implying every time they say that, but I’ll take advantage of that “honeymoon stage”.

With my wife’s consent, I’ll continue writing. I promise to read further materials to make these pseudo-articles sensible and at the same time, value-laden (by God’s grace). The usual “Bugoy approach” will always be there. That’s me. Wait, why not inspire? Because I’m not a miracle worker. I’m no hero; I’m an anti-thesis of it. I’m just a writer.

To those who read my pseudo-articles, be it in mockery, appreciation, and lurking indifference, thank you very much. If the articles hit or inspire you, it only means one thing: you’re alive and you feel.

Again, thank you for reading.

I need to go. I have a date.

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