Friday, March 25, 2011

What if we're just victims of "he said, she said"?

By logic and by ideals, open communication is truly important. When I say open communication, I don’t say that you’ll dig to your private closet and mention your “skeletons” or dark secrets. What I mean is a reliable communication.

Now, having said that, let me give open questions to every note readers out there, particularly those who are reading this right now: what if the information you heard from someone, whether they’re confidant, spiritual brethren, or even family, is not as what you think? What if it’s not real? What if we’re all just victims of false rumors? What if it’s all just lies made up by people? What if it’s just exaggerations? What if it’s plain manipulation? What if the truth that you got is influenced by certain approaches or negative emotions hence you’re carried and became antagonistic (or being negative) to a so called “common enemy”? What if the truth mentioned is not meant to help you, but to twist you head and torture? What if we’re just victims of faulty communication line because, whether we admit it or not, we’re too proud to approach the people themselves? What if the reason for this faulty communication is because we’re more comfortable to hear only one side of the story just because you are of same gender, same religion, same belief system, etc.? What if the truth mentioned is blurted out because of an outburst emotion?

If the information is found out to be not true, are you willing to approach the people and apologize for believing? IT IS UNLIKELY A “NO”..

Friends and brethren, even the wisest man on earth, King Solomon, was fooled, it took an old age before he mentioned “all is vanity”. Being fooled because of a faulty communication or because some people are just plain cruel or manipulative happen even to the best among us. It is not stupidity.

What are my points in all of these open questions? Listen to information and take time to listen to every angle. If you’re a victim of false information, forgive. If you were fooled and believed and became antagonistic to the person, apologize, or if you don’t have the guts, make the person feel that you’re truly apologetic.

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XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

Many will NEVER apologize, prideful etc. But as a Christian it's a sin to listen t gospel anyway.