Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forms of speech and listening

Preparing the Speech

Factors to Consider in Choosing a subject:

Their chronological age
Their intellectual level
Their cultural development
Their vocations and avocations
Their political and religious beliefs
Their attitudes towards particular groups
Their economic status and special interests


When we are talking to someone, we are expecting that someone to listen to us. This is also applicable when having a public speech. The problem? Listening is a tough thing to learn, because this means turning yourself OFF.

How do you create an animated, enthusiastic, interested group of listeners?

Consider the physical aspects of listening.
Look at them so as to establish mental contact with them.
Think of your audience as a mirror image of yourself.
Put yourself in the role of a listener.
Interview someone.

Five types of speech

Impromptu talk
Extemporaneous talk
Memorized speech
Speaking from a manuscript
Speaking with notes

Speeches for Special Occasions

The Interview
The Introduction
The Announcement
The Welcome Talk
Nomination and Acceptance of Nomination Speech
Presenting and Receiving of Awards Speech
The Radio or Television Talk

Speaking with a Definite Purpose
Informative Speech
Inspirational Speech
Entertaining or Graceful Speech
Persuasive Speech
Argumentative Speech

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No, I'll not talk about a brand of mayonnaise, which is my favorite by the way.   In the single's world, basically, especially here in the Philippines, it is the guys who make the move, and it's the girls who choose.  Be it old fashioned courtship or the modern approach, it is the girls who choose the guys.  In the animal kingdom, the male peacock have better colors than the female ones, still, it is the female peacock who decides which male peacock she will have for mate.

Normally, guys are raised with certain opinions on what guy will be chosen by a girl.  Some of those things are not even opinions; some of those are even Biblical truths.  Typical Christian bachelors, especially who is really serving God, adhere to this very much.  For example, a Christian girl must choose a Christian guy, therefore, Mr. Christian Bachelor, assumed that his competition will be narrowed down to only Believers.  Mr. Christian Bachelor will do his best to be the best gentlemen not only in the church, but also outside the church.  He'll be the poster boy of being the nice boy.   He'll groom his way.  Pinched himself with masculine perfume.  If he's a college graduate, he'll work and earn.  This will attract women, Christian women to be in particular, right?  Not all the time.

Chances are, when Mr. Christian Bachelor was rejected by a woman he is interested, it comes to a point he'll not attend the church.  Poor thing.  Reality bites.  Christian women will choose what they still want, even to the point of disregarding Biblical standard.  It's unfair, isn't it?  Quite a bit, but not much.  Christian women are still women.  They choose the guys, even if their local Pastor will not like their choice.  Guys, I understand what you feel when you're rejected, despite doing your best, even to the point of being Mr. Poster boy.  I understand some bitterness when we're busted.  Still, it is the woman who makes their choice on this, no matter how ugly or low standard (so to speak) their  choices might be.

A guy is not chosen by particular groups of women plainly because he's not their choice.    Let's not pity ourselves so much like we're a bunch of losers.  No you're not.  There are girls who are into geeky guys, there are girls who are into goody boy, elite school look.  It's shallow, you might say.  Wait, there are girls who are into the "deep, thinking, poetic" type.  I still believe that each guy will find the girls who will choose them.  This also applies to Christians.  Your job, guys, is to find the Christian girls who will choose you.  Effort on that, guys, effort.

Don't worry guys.  If these ladies didn't choose you and they end up miserable, it's not your fault.   After all, they made the choice, not you.

We may shake our heads as Christian ladies choose unbelieving men over Christian guys, regardless of the obvious verse in the Bible.  Still, it's not in us to choose.  It's theirs.  Don't be sad if you're busted, though that feeling is understandable.  You're not their choice.  Period.  No more. No less.  For the mean time, just do your best to make yourself better by God's grace.  Focus. Serve  God.  Love your family.

It's Ladies' choice...just get over it...smoothly.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Lady's Choice

The Lady's Choice

No, I'll not talk about a brand of mayonnaise, which is my favorite by the way. In the single's world, basically, especially here in the Philippines, it is the guys who make the move, and it's the girls who choose. Be it old fashioned courtship or the modern approach, it is the girls who choose the guys. In the animal kingdom, the male peacock have better colors than the female ones, still, it is the female peacock who decides which male peacock she will have for mate.

Normally, guys are raised with certain opinions on what guy will be chosen by a girl. Some of those things are not even opinions; some of those are even Biblical truths. Typical Christian bachelors, especially who is really serving God, adhere to this very much. For example, a Christian girl must choose a Christian guy, therefore, Mr. Christian Bachelor, assumed that his competition will be narrowed down to only Believers. Mr. Christian Bachelor will do his best to be the best gentlemen not only in the church, but also outside the church. He'll be the poster boy of being the nice boy. He'll groom his way. Pinched himself with masculine perfume. If he's a college graduate, he'll work and earn. This will attract women, Christian women to be in particular, right? Not all the time.

Chances are, when Mr. Christian Bachelor was rejected by a woman he is interested, it comes to a point he'll not attend the church. Poor thing. Reality bites. Christian women will choose what they still want, even to the point of disregarding Biblical standard. It's unfair, isn't it? Quite a bit, but not much. Christian women are still women. They choose the guys, even if their local Pastor will not like their choice. Guys, I understand what you feel when you're rejected, despite doing your best, even to the point of being Mr. Poster boy. I understand some bitterness when we're busted. Still, it is the woman who makes their choice on this, no matter how ugly or low standard (so to speak) their choices might be.

A guy is not chosen by particular groups of women plainly because he's not their choice. Let's not pity ourselves so much like we're a bunch of losers. No you're not. There are girls who are into geeky guys, there are girls who are into goody boy, elite school look. It's shallow, you might say. Wait, there are girls who are into the "deep, thinking, poetic" type. I still believe that each guy will find the girls who will choose them. This also applies to Christians. Your job, guys, is to find the Christian girls who will choose you. Effort on that, guys, effort.

Don't worry guys. If these ladies didn't choose you and they end up miserable, it's not your fault. After all, they made the choice, not you.

We may shake our heads as Christian ladies choose unbelieving men over Christian guys, regardless of the obvious verse in the Bible. Still, it's not in us to choose. It's theirs. Don't be sad if you're busted, though that feeling is understandable. You're not their choice. Period. No more. No less. For the mean time, just do your best to make yourself better by God's grace. Focus. Serve God. Love your family.

It's Ladies' choice...just get over it...smoothly.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The (pseudo) Bro. Joshua Harris Syndrom

During my middle part of my youth days in the church, a book by Joshua Harris was published. The title of the book is "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". Yes, the title may sound eyebrow raising, but I bought the book and read it. As a summary, the book didn't discourage dating, but it illustrates the disadvantages of dating more than once (more than once meaning dating many times, not dating many person at once). I agree. Pastor Harris wrote the book when he was 21. It was written by a young man who is looking forward that he'll give up the dating game in order to focus on serving God (

When this book came out in the Philippines during the late 90s and on to the 2000, a school of thought existed upon reading this book and I dubbed "Joshua Harris syndrome". (just for the idea to stick, I admire and respect Pastor Harris). It is the mindset that a person will only date someone that he or she is very sure that he or she is the will of God. That, my friends, is an ideal thing to do. Now a Senior Pastor, Pastor Harris wrote a "forward looking" book.

Let me set this straight: the book was not written to shoo away suitors and admirers. It is not also written to be scared of entering into dating, and eventually, a relationship. It is not also written to point fingers that a Christian guy you know is either a playboy (allegedly or proven) or a "smooth operator". It is not written to accuse some Christian ladies of being a flirt plainly because she dated many men before. It is written so that young people will serve God better than it used to be. In other words, it's written for young people God in a genuine, not self righteous, and better manner.

Since we talked about dating, a Christian bachelor should take the risk by asking a Christian lady on a date, BUT he should make his intention known. Guys, please don't play safe. If the lady asked you why, make your intentions known. If she accepts, don't take advantage by going over the board. Respect, brother. If she rejects, respect her decision. By the way, dating should not be treated as a "game". Treat dating as a decision, not a bandwagon. This is the reason dating is not for kids, because it's not a game.

Typical Christian single ladies, just like typical single ladies, have their own dream guy. The only difference is that the fairy tale was changed into a Christianized form of it. Prince Charming was now changed into Mr. Ideal Christian. That Mr. Christian should not be like this and that. That Mr. Christian is this and that. Ladies, THERE IS NO MR. IDEAL CHRISTIAN, but there are Christian guys who, despite their negative tendencies, try to bounce back and "workout their Christian life" day by day. In short, Christian guys who live by God's grace.

I do believe that Pastor Joshua Harris wrote the book in good faith. He wants that every Christian singles out there find the right woman or right man with less painful experience of undergoing number of dates or to certain extent, relationships. At the end of the day, a bachelor or a single lady should keep the Christian ideals and values intact in his or her head and heart, but at the same time, accept the situation IF the date...or the relationship did not go right.

Dating per se is neither wrong nor right. It only becomes wrong when another Biblical rules are broken. Is dating Biblical? The Bible didn't mention "dating" verbatim because arranged marriage, political marriage, and serving the woman's family for years are the trend back then. Personally, if I lived during the Biblical times, I will adhere to the aforementioned practices of obtaining a mate. However, today's not the case here in the Philippines. So, does that mean dating is wrong? Not necessarily. As long as you date, you don't treat it as a joke. As long as you're ethical and you avoid situations that will lead you to fornication (guys, don't be aggressive. Ladies, don't flirt or imply flirtation).

Have a good weekend, single people. Enjoy in a wholesome manner. Despite my statements, still, I thanked Pastor Harris for the book he wrote when he was 21. It's a looking forward book. Again, have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hebrews 4:12 and then some

Good day to you readers! Sincerely, I miss writing essays or pseudo-articles. The last time I wrote one was October 4. 22 days. If I’m a writer of an article on a broad sheet (which I feel is near impossible to happen because of variables like “self-editing”), chances are, I will be axed. Despite my tendency to be a klutz and absent-minded, I am doing my best adhering to the “Think before you click” campaign. Hence, I don’t write if I didn’t read good enough for the past week. My dynamic schedule (meaning not fixed) seems to prohibit me to write. However, I noticed that it’s been 22 days since the last time I wrote things. Definitely, this will be rusty. Hope you like it, not because you agree with it, but because a writer wrote again.

Now, allow me to begin this pseudo-article with a Bible verse:

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” – Hebrew 4:12

Most, if not all Christians, say that the Bible is the Word of God. I agree. I know this is classic and light stuff for most Christians out there, but believers one way or another are sometimes trapped in the mentality that if the Word of God is quoted by someone and is used as a reminder, it is an indication of self-righteousness. I partially agree because one can use God’s Word in a twisted, self-righteous manner. However, some parts of me disagree because the Bible is not made that way. The Bible is God’s Word made for the people to be read by the people as the basis of standard of living, not a way to appear spiritual. It’s like shouting “Amen” or “Praise the Lord”. You don’t shout it to look spiritual; you shout because you agree with what the Preacher or Pastor says. On the other, it’s not also right to quickly dig old skeletons to a person, and ultimately, you call him self-righteous. Because you deemed him or her self-righteous, you’ll dispose God’s Word plainly because the brethren mentioning the Scripture are not credible. True, it’s a consequence for someone to be disqualified in this plainly because he or she did something wrong. However, the mere fact that you keep on reminding old skeletons of a reforming brother/sister is an indication of self-righteousness.

Let us be reminded that one of the reasons why we go to church is to be reminded what actions not to do and what actions to do. The very reason why we open our Bible is because we subjected ourselves in God’s reminders, rebuke, and encouragement (Proverbs 1:3, 4).

The bottomline? Let’s stop calling Christians a bunch of self-righteous individuals. The fact that you pointed the self-righteous ones proves your being sanctimonious. Worst, it might be pride. Instead, let’s try going to church to receive words of wisdom, even if you hear that from an unlikely or not credible source. By doing so, it reveals good character. Yes, you’ll see “spiritual holes” on these brethren, especially if you’re the one who are just starting to rebuild yourself. However, one of the reasons why these so called self-righteous people are in the church is because they wanted to be reminded by God’s Word what not to do and not to do.

I know I ended on a strong note, but I hope and pray that genuine brotherly concern, not strong (sometimes condescending) approach will be seen. After all, I’m also like all true believers out there – saved by grace through faith.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Only by God's Grace

"Only by God’s grace"

Often times, we hear the aforementioned words on Christians, especially those who believe in the salvation by grace through faith. This is also a common statement for believers who have survived crises. This is usually mentioned by Christians who, at some point, became wayward, but eventually straightened their path. It’s also stated by Christians who receive blessings, be it material, physical, or spiritual, and are thankful about it because they know that strictly speaking, they’re not worthy.

Speaking of God’s grace, during the 90s a comedy entitled Robingood (Sugod ng Sugod), a parody of Robinhood, in which Filipino actor Jimmy Santos portrayed Robingood. One time, he stole money, as usual, to give to the poor. Then, after the deed, he approached a Catholic monk, confessing his deed and giving the money. The monk prayed to God and it goes something like this: “Father, please forgive this fellow for all the sins (in this case, stealing) that he did…and those sins that he’s about to do (which, in this case, is stealing)! Funny as it may seem, but that’s exactly how we do it as Christians. We will commit sins, sometimes with gusto. Eventually, when the deed is done, we’ll tap our spiritual senses and pray to God for forgiveness. After all, God is gracious, isn’t He? Yes. However, God is also a God of justice, but that’s a different topic. God’s grace should not be abused.

There are preachers, pastors, theologians and their students (directly or indirectly [courtesy of books, pamphlets, etc.]) who say that it’s not always right to use those words. They said it right. Like we said in the previous paragraph, it’s wrong to abuse and misuse (hypothetically) God’s grace. However, no spiritually saved person can ever fall out of grace. Are you talking about salvation? Hmmmmmm, yes…and more. When you say God’s grace, it’s more than just salvation. If we’re saved by grace, then we should live by grace. Living by grace is more than just thanking God because we were blessed despite of what we did. Time and time again, despite our efforts to be good and near perfect, at the end, it’s still God’s grace that works in us, and we can’t get out of it. There are times that we get very frustrated every time we did something wrong. Whether we admit it or not, we felt frustrated, not because we committed sins, but because we felt that WE CAN’T COMMIT SINS or, in some people’s case, we felt that we became stupid. Why? Possibly because we don’t do things by God’s grace.

We don’t have the mind of God, but there is a possibility that the reason why God allows us to commit mistakes (or stupidity in some people) or be outsmarted, deceived, and manipulated by someone is because we highly think about ourselves. We think that we can’t commit sin or be outsmarted by someone by sinning against us (because we think we are smart). There are times that we think this way, “It will not happen to me, maybe to this guy or that guy, because he’s stupid, ignoramus, is not street smart, but not me. I’m street smart.” In others, “I’m above average IQ. It will not happen to me. I can do better than the rest of those below the 98th or even 95th percentile.” In that manner, we are putting God’s grace out of the picture. It becomes self-righteousness, instead of His grace. Worst, it’s pride.

God’s grace is living life as what God wants us to be. God’s grace is rising up every time we fall, be it in sin, business, sports, or in school. God’s grace is being thankful to Him for giving you strength despite of your limited, sometimes sickly, state of health. God’s grace is still doing His ministry while you still have the time, money, and energy to do so. After all, God’s grace is God providing us when we need it most. God’s grace is giving benefit of the doubt to the fallen brethren because we know God will help him if he allows God’s grace also to move to him. God’s grace is thanking God every time we did something good, not thinking that we made it because it’s who we are (and others are not). God’s grace is forgiving others for their wrong deeds. On the other hand, God’s grace is also allowing others to forgive at their pace and not forced forgiveness through manipulation, guilt trips, “my side first” mentality, and troop building because only God can heal the wounds of a hurt person.

As a summary, when we say “only by God’s grace”, we are saying that we allowed God to move in our lives, and bounce back in every failure, sickness, trial, and even disciplinary action. How is it possible? Only by God’s grace.

Happy Maverick

Most people who know me personally have always seen or viewed me as a happy maverick. Now, just like my usual catch phrase, please don’t get me wrong about this. Being a maverick may look awesome in some countries, but, in the Philippines and even inside Christianity circle, it is a quite a minus factor growing up. We Filipinos have what we call pakikisama. Digging through the theoretical definition of the word, it’s difficult. However, putting it operationally, it’s still difficult. Pakisama moves beyond getting along with others. It’s getting along well with others because of compromises. There are members of orthodox Christianity who sometimes takes pride that they don’t compromise. They’re not compromisers as they say. However, looking closer, the mere fact that they have friends lobbying for them proves otherwise. I believe in compromises. In fact, one of the conflict resolution tools used in organization is compromise. However, blending in is only applicable on certain customs, but not in all walks of life.

There are certain times in my life that I have compromised a lot. I have compromised my belief system, especially my faith. Just imagine being punch figuratively right and left just because hindi ka daw marunong makisama. I tried and did my best. I tried blending in. This is an indication that I am not bull headed, and have the capacity to listen to advices. I have to admit that it felt good at certain extent. There are positive feedbacks. Some say I loosened up a notch.

However, despite that, people that mattered to me never saw the efforts or never appreciated it verbally or by actions. I’ll only hear those positive words when I confronted them, which is rare. At times, it’s such a drag. Still, despite my discomfort, there were certain people that I need to get along to the point of compromising even my own faith and own belief systems because certain people that mattered to me will either give me guilt trips, fault finding, and never ending blah blahs on their view of life and more.

Recently, certain experiences have hit me once and for all. I don’t know if it’s God telling me something or it just sprouted from my innermost feeling. Certain recent experiences made me conclude that, more often than not, people, even those that matter to you, oblige you to do certain compromises, not really for your own good, but because they’ll be the beneficiary. Besides, it might be self-serving, but what I know with compromise is that it should be two-way traffic. However, it felt that it was not reciprocated well. Despite the pakisama, there is no belongingness. It’s a one-two punch. It was not reciprocated, and my Christian testimony marred. This time around, I’ll be once again the happy maverick you once knew, even if those people don’t care anymore. For instance, I’ll continue to wear generally acceptable attire, even if people will start calling me names. I’ll still sport that school boy haircut (sometimes crew cut), and I will not mind being called names. After all, my attire and haircut are generic. Nothing’s wrong with that. Call me names because of my certain actuations. At least, I don’t twist heads and use people. Do the guilt trips and indifference as you please. If they truly appreciate you for who you are, then why the difficulty in pleasing these certain people that mattered to you?

Yes, on certain extent, I will compromise, but not to destroy my belief system and my faith inside out. It’s better this way. After all, at the end, people stick to their own beliefs without compromise, why won’t I do the same? At least, I have no person to point my fingers when the going gets tough.

Happy maverick, that’s who I am.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Abjuration of Certain Acts of Circumvention

There are people who tend to use their brilliant minds just to get out of certain accountabilities or certain punishment. For generations, there are people who used their brain and good looks (if the person has one) just to evade accountability, or, in legal terms, avoid prosecution.

These people, one way or another, had victimized people through bullying, manipulation, power tripping, people-using, and gossips. Often times, it’s too late that the victims realized the situation. Worse, they ended up accepting the punishment or part of the punishment that these scoundrels should solely be accountable or should take part in the accountability. Where is the perpetrator? Scot free or hiding somewhere.

People around the victim of these people, even so called friends, will reprimand or rebuke the victim for being stupid, for allowing things like that to happen to him/her. The victim will be reminded to forget the past, forgive and avoid being bitter, and even give the victim guilt trips on that. The victims, dilutedbecause of misguided teachings on forgiveness, ended up more miserable because he or she didn’t follow a certain process or certain processes on forgiveness. Bluntly, they’re not helping. Since these kinds of people have established friendships (or pseudo-friendships), there are people who defended him/her, at the expense of the victims (it’s their freedom to also have friends anyway). Okay, it’s a general knowledge that we shouldnot be stupid. However, what happened to “not adding insult to the injury”?

Now, let me address this one by one to the people concerned…

To the perpetrator’s friends/loved ones, what if this happened to you? What if you were the ones hurt? Will you still have the guts to do things such as giving guilt trips and victim blaming? Will you still make the victims or their relatives or families suffer more just because you wanted to skip all the process leading to forgiveness? That’s sanctimonious! Or in plain language, acting like a good, devout person, but in reality, just avoiding hearing the true victim’s words. How about giving an apology, not because you’re wrong, but because you felt bad for the victims? Besides, face it, you may even know that the perpetrator is doing that or planning to do that on their victims/prey, yet because of your friendship, you shrugged it off. If you happened to be that person, you really, really have to apologize. Mark that word.

To the perpetrators: learn to accept accountability and consequences. Don’t let or allow others to suffer on actions that you are either solely accountable or partially accountable. You did something wrong, admit it, apologize to the victim, even if the victim rejected it (part of the consequence, chump). You are a very smart person. The fact that you have the capacity to manipulate and use people proves you have the gift. Why not use that gift to good use? Unless you’re a cold blooded psychopath or sociopath, you still have the heart to change for the better and not do it to other people. By accepting the painful walk to accountability, you may even go to the road called recovery.

To the victims: we have no choice, boys and girls. It’s normal that you wanted to make them feel the pain. However, let me just remind you about true forgiveness. Revenge should not be an option. By doing revenge, you ended up worse than the perpetrators. Go on. Be angry. Cry. It’s normal. However, let’s not indulge. Indulging in hatred will make those around you suffer, one way or another. No, don’t forced forgive someone; you’ll end up depressed. This is hard: try to empathize with the perpetrators. They have a history why they do the things they did to you. It will truly help. Move on, and move forward, but do it in your phase if you want.

To everyone: Still, in all of this, some of you might humorously say that the writer is “inspired” (may pinaghuhugatan at may pinatatamaan), making all the words mentioned discredited either by dismissing this or putting this as a joke.

Let’s say that this is “inspired”, let me ask this: am I ENTIRELY wrong? Isn’t it that it takes inspiration to write? If there’s even a single dot of sense in all of this, isn’t it unfair to dismiss this just because may pinaghugutan?

Yes, today’s article is passionately written, but still, yours truly know that it is still God’s prerogative who will truly be accountable on certain actions. We are in no position to question who will be punished or chastised by God or when it will happen. We only have an idea based on what the Bible is saying, BUT still, God has the upper hand. However, let us remind our own selves this thing: let’s be accountable if we did something wrong.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chauvinism that is called the Bible

The Bible is the Word of God. For non-Christians, the Bible is considered a very good piece of literature.

Recently, I read an article describing the Bible as a chauvinist, thus, it's not the Word of God.

I understand why the Bible is accused as such. The literature focused so much on the Middle East, particularly Israel, only going out during the Church Age or what is called by dispensationalist as Grace Period. Only the Books Esther and Ruth have female Bible book titles, while others either have male names or neutral words (i.e, Genesis, Exodus) for a title.

As a Christian, let not this defense be simply put as blind ones. After all, I have my own share of heartaches in my faith. This is written not by a religiously blind fellow, but by a person trying to balance schools of thought, if not trying to be objective.

The Bible was written in the different era. The Bible merely mirrored the society during those times, and described God’s feelings, actions, decisions on the society’s actions during those times.

Now, about the anti-feminine tendency of the Bible, the Bible may have been anti-feminism, but definitely, the BIBLE IS NEVER ANTI-WOMAN. Numerous accounts in the Bible prove it. Rahab was commended for her act of saving the Israelite spies (and she’s a prostitute by the way). Ruth and Naomi were commended for their acts to return to the true God. The Bible also recorded how God chastised David for committing adultery to Bathsheba. It’s a clear indication that the Bible is never anti-woman.

The word “submit” comes into mind. First, the Bible never stated that women should submit to men. It’s inaccurate to say that. The Bible stated, “Wives, submit yourselves UNTO YOUR OWN HUSBANDS”. Therefore, if the man is not your husband, never submit. Now, maybe it will be contested by this question, “what if the husband is not right?” Now, here’s my question: is your husband wrong all the time for you to ask that question? Chances are, when a wife or a woman asks that question, the underlying attitude is this – rebellion. Besides, reading Apostle Paul’s epistles, women were given the chance to speak or suggest…in their own homes and to their own husbands. Let’s remember that chauvinism is said to be an extreme school of thought…and so does the opposite side of it…FEMINISM. Reading it further, the Bible states more responsibility on men than on women. In the book of Joshua, when Achan committed sin by taking the “accursed thing” from Jericho, he, being the head of his family, was stoned unto death. Not only that, his family was also stoned unto death. The Bible implies that the biggest bulk of responsibility is on the men.

By the way, I forgot to mention that we’re talking about male chauvinism, not real chauvinism. Now, about real chauvinism, the Bible is not chauvinist. If you read the whole Bible, Israel was not normally praised. In fact, it is described as stiff necked people. In other words, the Bible describes Israel as stubborn. The Bible also mentioned that Israel committed idolatry, and this is the reason why God allowed them to be conquered by other nations, empires to be exact. If the Bible is a chauvinist, focusing on Israel, Israel’s wrong deeds will never be written.

Let’s go back to Bible being allegedly advocating male chauvinism. When Dinah was raped by Shechem in the book of Genesis, what happened? He was killed by Dinah’s brothers Levi and Simeon (if I’m not mistaken). However at the end, God through the Patriarch Jacob mentioned that their acts are not right. When Amnon raped his half-sister Tamar, Tamar’s full brother Absalom killed Amnon. At the end, Absalom was himself killed by Joab because of Absalom’s rebellion to David. But David instructed his son Solomon to execute Joab if he started to take over as King of Israel. These parts of Biblical accounts prove that not only the Bible is against man treating woman as trash, but also God being just.

It is never the fault of the Bible why they don’t have the so called gender equality. Besides, in the eyes of God, all have sinned (Romans 3:23). Now, discussion if the Bible is against gender equality is another topic all in all. It is not the fault of the Bible why, during the early times, women were not allowed to vote. It is how the people before interpreted the Bible. Like we said, the Bible mere reflected. Take for example polygamy. The Bible never justified polygamy. The Bible just mentioned that polygamy exists and the Patriarchs practiced them, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay. In fact, in the book of Genesis, you can see the competition between Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel. In the book of Samuel, Hannah cried to Elkanah because she has no children, while Elkanah’s other wife, Peninah, have kids (eventually, God gave to Hannah a child named Samuel. You know the story).

To say the Bible is a chauvinist is still, I admit, depends on your attitude towards the Book and your own view of life. However, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Discredited because it is being personal

People who know me personally will say that I am hitting particular groups of people or specific people every time I write articles or posts. In other words, everything I write here and in my accounts are PERSONAL and BEING PERSONAL. Normally, when this happens, the essence or the substance of an article is diminished, plainly because it is, well, personal and being personal. A notch higher, the article written is no longer considered credible and sensible and it’s not worth his or her time. Plainly because it is personal and being personal. Some people that know me personally just laugh or smile when they felt that I am hitting someone or something again.

Normally, another way of dismissing an article is digging to the writer’s old skeletons, like a defense lawyer discrediting a state witness. Well, that’s a classic way of shrugging it off, and I respect that. It’s part of the normal flow between readers and writers. However, a person that takes time and dig old skeletons just to discredit a writer is in itself a form of giving compliment to the writer. Why? Because the person went to certain extents just to discredit an article. Articles are also discredited by rationalizing it as “derived out of bitterness”. Studying the writer’s frame of mind and how it works, rather than appreciate how the writer’s mind really worked.

I admit that my articles are derived from first and second hand experiences. I learned from these experiences, and I share them. It’s simple as that. The “Payong Bugoy” post is a quick way of sharing learned principles based on experiences. After all, experience is STILL the best teacher. I admit hitting particular people, schools of thought, certain attitudes through my articles. WRITERS DO THAT. For centuries, writers have done that, and we’re praising some or many of them for that. Editorial cartoonists do that, Comic strips artists do that. Satirists do that. Well, how about Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo? Oh, Pilgrim’s Progress, written by a BAPTIST PREACHER named John Bunyan, is also a book that “hits”. The Bible is a ‘twoedged sword’. The Bible ‘hits’. Why not burn or be apathetic to the Bible, after all, It is “personal and being personal”. Well, in fairness, it’s God’s Word you might say and all the writers in the world combined are no match. However, my point is writers write out of inspiration derived from personal experiences, other people’s experiences, and reading other books and articles.

Personally, to dismiss or discredit an article plainly because it is so called “personalizing without mentioning the names”. Writers write because they have something to write, even if it seems foolish for some plainly because they’re not into it.

Still though, just like what a young Pastor said to me a few days back, people are free to state their opinion. After all, that is the reason why I can freely write…responsibly. The young Pastor is right. As a writer and human being, negative opinions are also considered opinions. In fact, one fact should consider negative opinion as a form of compliment. Negative opinions mean you are noticed. When your article is noticed, it means you still exist. When people are indifferent in your article, it is worse than being criticized. Lyndon Gregorio, creator of Beerkada, once told me personally that the enemy of artists is indifference.

At the end of the day, even if some are quite mean and harsh, criticisms are also another form of appreciation. For that, thank you very much.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Things to consider when dealing with a part-timer

Before the article itself, allow me to mention that the recent storm Falcon had hit Metro Manila. Low areas, as usual, were affected. My place of work, Malabon City, is flooded. This is the reason why I didn’t report for work today: my car won’t able to make it through the industrial compound. I heard and saw the news that a tornado hit New Manila yesterday (Friday). Time and time again, at this point, Christians should be reminded of their social responsibility. Our being a Christian doesn’t end with soul winning and fund raising for building projects (which are also very good). The least that we can do is to pray for the affected areas and especially, fellow brethren. If possible and feasible, go to the brethren’s affected area. Remember what the early Christians did to their fellow brethren in Jerusalem when the Jerusalem churches are in need. Stop pointing to those so called “rich Christians” to help them, begin with ourselves. Just a brotherly reminder, guys and gals.

Now, the article itself, when you say a person is working part time in your firm, it means he’s working on a specific number of hours listed on the contract, and it’s STRICTLY less than 8 hours in one day. Normally, it is stipulated in contract how many hours will a person work. In colleges and universities, normally, a part time faculty member is given a maximum of 15 teaching hours a week. If a “part timer” works more than that, the additional TEACHING hours should be compensated depending on the College’s or University’s pay grade (In my case, my recent school were properly given to me. Thank you, sir, for being courteous). Beyond the 15-18 hour teaching job a week, what he or she is doing is considered “charity work” or as Christians put it, “ministry”.

Especially in private firms, what we usually call “part timers” are “abused” for one reason or another, schedule and money wise. After all, these private schools are paying you fat; you need to give them their, well, their money’s worth. On the contrary, professors from the private sector teaching part time in a state colleges and universities is respected even to the point that they respect the person’s schedule. Dr. Lorenzo C. Lorenzo of Philippine Women’s University even mentioned that someone from private sector teaching in a state college or university was treated as if he or she’s doing them a favour. This reality is acceptable.

Part timers are contract basis. If his contract expires, have the basic courtesy to inform the person if his services are no longer needed. Why? So that he’ll figure out what to do...not unless you love to “trip”/

Now, please bear in mind that part timers have other schedules. Hence, they can’t commit in that specific firm full time. How about part timers whose time is flexible plainly because their full time job is, for example, they own or manage a firm? STILL, utmost respect should be given to their schedules, if you are truly intelligent, good, and socially responsible.

Part timers, stick to your schedules. At the end, you’ll serve both your full time work and your part time well. There are people who will not understand. Worst, they’ll treat you a villain for being a “stick to the schedule” guy. Ignore the guilt trip. Always remember that you know yourself better. You don't have to be understood all the time. A person who doesn't dig deeper for the reasons why you can't do certain things indicates the person's shallow character.

For some of the readers familiar with what I‘m saying, this is not to invoke anything. This is to serve as a learning experience to every institution, be it part timers or full timers. I know this may sound “dreamy”, but I hope this serves as a sort-of- reference for students taking up educational or business management. I hope this may serve as a learning reference for aspiring educational leaders and school owners.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Practical atheism...or near to it

Despite having a graduate degree and at the age of 30, I just heard the term Practical Atheism 2 years ago through a Sunday school teacher, who is my 2 months my senior (indicating that learning and degree are two different entities. One can be a Master’s and PhD graduate and just vegetate, while one can a dropout, but because of voracious reading and a proper attitude to learn). To sum it up, practical atheism is living as if there’s no God or supreme divine being.

According to one reference, an indication of practical atheism is the absence of religious motivation. Unlike other forms of atheists, a practical atheist will not preach atheism or will not share atheism or will not advocate atheism, but their actions and belief system indicate that they’re living as if God doesn’t exist. Now, my terminology may not be very academic, but I hope I’m giving you the picture. Another word associated with practical atheism is apatheism. Okay, I’ll leave the more academic definitions to the other bloggers who are more expert on that topic.

Practical atheism has been creeping even in Baptist churches (and other faiths as well. I specifically put Baptist because I’m a Baptist). Actually, it’s not a new phenomenon. Some pastors call this “attending because it’s code of ethics”.

Let’s say this as short as possible. It’s normal for a Christian to commit sins, whatever the extent may be. Old nature versus new nature remember? However, practical atheism is more subtle. Imagine, going to church during Prayer Meetings, Services, other ministries like youth, choir, etc., and after those services we’re all back to our lives as we don’t acknowledge God in our actions and decisions? Now here’s a worst form of practical atheism: after the services, you go out of the church. During weekdays, there’s no touch of spirituality in words, actions, and appearances. Worse, you don’t even mention your church friends or your church activities to your friends, classmates, and coworkers. Maybe, just maybe, you’re now a practical atheist. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that if you’re truly saved or you’re not a practical atheist inside the church, one way or another, you’ll mention one way or another your church friends (maybe not by name, but by other forms…you know what I mean). One form or another, you’re mentioning that the reason why you need to go out on a weeknight is because of Prayer Meeting or other ministries. It’s like subliminal for you that you mention “anything spiritual”, even if you’re said to be carnal. Why? Because you’re saved.

I don’t know how to end this article, but I’ll end this article. May this article serve as a reminder to all of the people claiming themselves as Christians. May this also be a reminder to myself.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Made in 15 minutes...more or less

Will my writing stop even during my married life? No. So that means I’ll continue? Yes, IF God still gives me the hands to type or write what I call “pseudo-article” (I still admire the bloggers around. My, they’re awesome), an eye to see what I’m writing, and a sanity to know what I am writing.

I admit that married life makes me find time to do this hobby. After all, first thing is first. In addition, I made a sudden career change which I decided during summer. I’m in what they call “in a honeymoon” stage of marriage. I don’t know what they are really implying every time they say that, but I’ll take advantage of that “honeymoon stage”.

With my wife’s consent, I’ll continue writing. I promise to read further materials to make these pseudo-articles sensible and at the same time, value-laden (by God’s grace). The usual “Bugoy approach” will always be there. That’s me. Wait, why not inspire? Because I’m not a miracle worker. I’m no hero; I’m an anti-thesis of it. I’m just a writer.

To those who read my pseudo-articles, be it in mockery, appreciation, and lurking indifference, thank you very much. If the articles hit or inspire you, it only means one thing: you’re alive and you feel.

Again, thank you for reading.

I need to go. I have a date.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fault finding: smoke screen

Note: The following is an opinion derived from observation and experience. Some contents that are not in tune of any organizational or management materials are expected.

Having a faultfinder or critic (be it ardent or passive) is inevitable. However, human nature as we are, we get annoyed. Especially if you had a bad morning back home, you confront the critic head on, like an assailant striking the victim to the jugular veins.

Now, we’ll not deal with the symptoms. We’ll deal with the attitude. In the Christian world, we call this critical spirits. In organizations and companies, we call them simply as critics. Actually, being a critic is not from without; it’s from within. They will usually say that they’ll not react when they don’t see anything. That statement alone indicates that faultfinding is not mainly external, but it is mainly internal. Yes, a rebuke one way or another is normal. However, one symptom that the person is just purely critical and not concern on your welfare is this: after you’re rebuked or corrected or criticized, you are left isolated, feeling so guilty. If the criticism is focused more of the doer rather than the deeds, it’s also an indication.

How to deal with this kind of attitude? As you read this paragraph, maybe you have an idea what I’m trying to say. One thing that we can notice with most, if not all, faultfinders and ardent critics is that they have problems either back home or in the organization itself. It is their defense mechanism. I can’t forget this person who points out problems of his then organization. His attitude even goes out of the organization. It manifests even in our hangouts, snack places, etc. Eventually, a year after, we eventually found out that he has been dealing with demons himself, and is nowhere to be found until this day by the organization that he frequently criticizes. Maybe they use ardent faultfinding as form of smoke screen to cover what they’re truly doing. Maybe they use this as defense mechanism because back home, they have family problems. Maybe they’re battling personal demons. These cases are understandable. However, if you’re in an organization, these people should be dealt with. If you’re from Human Resource, talk to the member if his or her attitude is starting to be unharmonious with other members. If his or her attitude doesn’t affect the organization itself, ignore. Noticing the attitude gives dignity to the attitude itself. In my opinion, the prove-them-wrong attitude is not advisable. Instead, have a just-doing-my-job attitude. After all, if you truly did your job, you have proven them wrong. If they insist, remember, faultfinding is from within, not without. What if your ardent critics spill personal stuff? Rebuke objectively. One thing I have learned with faultfinders is this: things go back to them big time if they don’t stop.

This article was not written AGAINST CRITICS OR CRITICISMS THEMSELVES. After all, we can also use people’s criticisms for us to grow. Instead of treating them like stones that are about to hit you, treat it as stone that you can step on. Much better, we can treat them as a hollow block for us to build something with it. We often hear this on organizational leaders: if the criticisms are true and can be minimized, if not corrected, change for the better. If the criticisms are baseless, totally ignore it. If the criticisms are true but you’re in no position to change it, just ignore it; they don’t deserve your attention. If you’re criticized for your misunderstood, yet right decision, just move on and let time prove you right, without waiting for any immediate visible vindication. If these people prohibits your growth as a person by his, either Not only leaders, but those who really wanted to improve both as a person and as an organization member, must face criticisms with appropriate attitude possible.

Monday, May 23, 2011

TIED...and then some

Since May 11, 2011, I am officially a married man. Just like I promised my church friends, the moment I got married, I’ll turn my back in anything connected to the Youth ministry. The normal temptation and tendency of someone who used to be a youth leader is still to meddle (in Tagalog transliteration, “nakikialam”) with their own church’s youth ministry.

The concern to your former organization is just normal. The habit of going to church because there are leaders’ meeting, the fact that God allowed you to lead a group of youngsters (if left unchecked, gives you the tendency to have the “kuya/ate complex”) is a hard habit to break, especially if you’ve been in the ministry for about 10-20 years! However, just like high school graduation, just like college life, just like further studies (if God gave you the chance), things must come to an end. “Grow up!” as some maturity/age freaks will say to you. Right. Grow up. That also means not to interfere of meddle with Youth ministry related stuff, unless asked to do so. That also means not to give them unsolicited advice. That also means giving them positive image when asked by outsiders or those who used to be active attenders.

Yes, a newly married man/woman should still have single friends of mixed genders. Befriending the young ones will contribute to optimism. However, when it comes to matters like youth ministry, a newly married Christian man/woman should leave them alone.

You’ll not expect any flashy literary regarding my married life. I’ll not dazzle. I’ll discipline myself not to give “ecclesiastes type” of advice to the youngsters. I find it irritating when someone newly married gives you unsolicited advice and to the point of calling you immature.

It’s been 12 days since I got married. I’ll learn the ropes brick by brick, as days go by. By God’s grace, I’ll learn the ropes.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Voluntary Ecclesiastical Exile due to Internal Negative Experiences

I am tempted to share cases (putting it as case 1 and 2) regarding the topic for today, but as a respect for these people, I decided not to. That's the reason why opinion sharing regarding a post goes down: they don't want to be labelled "nakikipagaway sa facebook" (which is understandable), even if the opinion makes perfect sense or is positive.Now, let's stick to the point. Let's face it, Christian young people has mixtures of experiences, be it good or bad, in the church. However, sometimes, there are certain experiences that has a tremendous impact. Let's stick to negative experiences. These negative experiences, one way or another, jeopardizes their church attendance. This escalates when the parents found out what happened to their kid. Because of this experience, there are things that parents of affected will do, and normally, either of these happen: 1) the whole family will move to the other church (classic) 2) put the youngster in a sort of an exile by putting him or her to another church 3) allow the youngster to attend the same church, but unfortunately, not allow him or her to have ministries that is the alleged source of a youngster's negative experience.All of those three reactions are normal course of action, being parents. After all, one way or another, negative experiences hurt, especially if those experiences happened inside the church.Now, I'm not implying that these three courses of action are all overkill, if not wrong. However, before such courses of action can be taken, let me share these things:1) Not all people in the church are Christians. This is what Satan wants: for us to leave a church that will make us grow and will make us stronger.2) It is never a certain ministry's fault why a youngster had a negative experience. Church ministries were put to win souls for the Lord and glorify God. Putting him or her away from that ministry, unless it's his or her choice, will more likely do more harm than good. Chances are, it may jeopardize his or her calling, if the youngster has one. If you happen to do that and he/she has a calling, he/she might become more miserable than the usual. After all, the youngster didn't answer the call, just because certain experiences done by people to him/her. 3) Unless it is decided by the church, putting someone in exile and putting him or her in a new ecclesiastical environment may give him or her a fresh start, but there are new negative experiences there. This is the reason why some Pastors discourage their members or make them think twice to move to another church. More likely than not, if you go out of the church with baggages, you go to the new church putting that same baggages there. Believe me, it will reflect eventually. 4) When this situation happens, try to be a detective. I know this sounds weird, especially for those who have typecast me in that manner. However, it pays to investigate what really happen. If you really want to truly understand, you can put a notch higher by tracing actions leading to that negative experiences. Chances are, you'll be surprised. Chances are, you may even blame the affected youngster once you found out what truly happened. Chances are, you will never put the youngster to exile.Experiences will make a youngster tougher. When these experiences happen, parents and authority figures should guide and support them in these experiences. If the youngster surpassed these negative experiences, he/she will become a better Christian. He/she will become a good example to the younger generation.

Moving away from the place is not the automatic solution, unless his or other people's lives are in danger. Like I said, moving oThank you very much for reading.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Christian School and Non Christian school graduates

I’m a product of Christian school. I grew up in the church. It’s an open book that is so open that those facts are virtually ignored by everyone that knows me as a friend or by name. I’ll be forever grateful that I graduated from that school. I’ll be forever honored and privileged to be a part of that batch of graduate (not in the boastful, arrogant sense of the word, but in a school spirit sense of the word). Christian education was used by God for me to be led to the Lord Jesus Christ.

However, I don’t know about you, fellow note readers and bloggers especially graduates of Christian school, but one of the strong negative statements that have haunted (exaggeration intended to create attention) me are the following statements or anything similar to this: graduates of Christian school, especially those who grew up in the church, are a bunch of ignoramus, not in the intellectual sense, but in the “outside world” sense. To add insult to the injury, the young and single professional Church attenders who were never products of any Christian school, are both directly and indirectly proving Christian school graduates that they’re more street smart just because they are, well in the “outside world”. More often than not, they’re proven right, even without trying (general viewpoint please, don’t be specific).

Is it a sense of pride for some if we’re so called ignoramus, not knowing the “outside world” and they’re these street smart individuals? The reason for these street smart, is because a portion of the graduates of Christian school are not in the ministry, stay-in or stay-out. One person I heard even mentioned that if they fell, they fell big time. One even stated that if they fell into sin, not only they can rationalize why, but also can’t accept the fact that they have fallen. Not only that, a Christian school graduate doesn’t only lack street smart characteristics, they’re generally closed minded.

Now, I’ll never justify any wrong deeds done by a fellow Christian school graduate and even my own wrong deeds. Most of us are guilty of misdoings, mischievous acts, which are usually being done by teenagers. If a Christian school graduate falls into sins like fornication and/or was subjected to severe or even moderate discipline, I’m one of those first people who are sad…TRULY. However, let’s put things in its proper perspective. Teenagers are teenagers. Graduates became individuals when they go out of the institution. Do you blame Philippine Military Academy (PMA) for the corruption at Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that is being inquired right now by the Senate? Not entirely you may say, even if most of the senior officers are PMA graduates.

Foolishness is bound in the heart of the child, the Bible says. It’s not the Christian school’s fault if the graduate is itching his or her way out of “Alcatraz”. This “itching” attitude is something internal in nature, not external forces. About being ignoramus, like my fellow graduate and my former mentor said, I think otherwise. Christian school students are taught, not indoctrinated. Christian school students go home after the class, they’re not hermits or monks.

I can go on and on and on, but it will be pointless. Let’s just look at the bright side, those who stay eventually become Pastors, preachers, deacons, active lay workers. Even if that graduate becomes a prodigal son, the Word of God will never go away from him or her. It will be his or her compass, even if he or she will never admit due to certain ecclesiastical hatred.

As I writer, I don’t want to be misunderstood and misquoted on this one. This is not my own statement, although the evaluative statement is my own doing. It’s a summary of numerous statements of different people whom yours truly have encountered.

I’ll repeat the first paragraph as an ending: I’m a product of Christian school. I grew up in the church. It’s an open book that is so open that those facts are virtually ignored by everyone that knows me as a friend or by name. I’ll be forever grateful that I graduated from that school. I’ll be forever honored and privileged to be a part of that batch of graduate (not in the boastful, arrogant sense of the word, but in a school spirit sense of the word). Christian education was used by God for me to be led to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 25, 2011

What if we're just victims of "he said, she said"?

By logic and by ideals, open communication is truly important. When I say open communication, I don’t say that you’ll dig to your private closet and mention your “skeletons” or dark secrets. What I mean is a reliable communication.

Now, having said that, let me give open questions to every note readers out there, particularly those who are reading this right now: what if the information you heard from someone, whether they’re confidant, spiritual brethren, or even family, is not as what you think? What if it’s not real? What if we’re all just victims of false rumors? What if it’s all just lies made up by people? What if it’s just exaggerations? What if it’s plain manipulation? What if the truth that you got is influenced by certain approaches or negative emotions hence you’re carried and became antagonistic (or being negative) to a so called “common enemy”? What if the truth mentioned is not meant to help you, but to twist you head and torture? What if we’re just victims of faulty communication line because, whether we admit it or not, we’re too proud to approach the people themselves? What if the reason for this faulty communication is because we’re more comfortable to hear only one side of the story just because you are of same gender, same religion, same belief system, etc.? What if the truth mentioned is blurted out because of an outburst emotion?

If the information is found out to be not true, are you willing to approach the people and apologize for believing? IT IS UNLIKELY A “NO”..

Friends and brethren, even the wisest man on earth, King Solomon, was fooled, it took an old age before he mentioned “all is vanity”. Being fooled because of a faulty communication or because some people are just plain cruel or manipulative happen even to the best among us. It is not stupidity.

What are my points in all of these open questions? Listen to information and take time to listen to every angle. If you’re a victim of false information, forgive. If you were fooled and believed and became antagonistic to the person, apologize, or if you don’t have the guts, make the person feel that you’re truly apologetic.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Son-ship and membership: two of the nicest possessions

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name:” John 1:12 (Italics mine).

“And all that believed were together, and had all things common;” Acts2:44

It’s awesome if you’ll think of it deeply. Being joint heirs with Christ (Romans 8:16, 17). Truly heaven bound. Saved by grace through faith. Awesome indeed. Because of this salvation that we possess, we have a tool to face this life’s hardships and happy moments as days go by. Why? It’s not pride. It’s son-ship.

It’s also awesome to have genuine fellowship with fellow believers in Christ, be it in your own local church or with other church with likeminded faith. You speak the language unbelievers don’t understand. It’s not pride that some societies try to instill. It’s brotherhood.

Sad as it may seem, we tend to take these two things for granted once we had them, and especially when we have them for so long. Even most especially, we take these things for granted if we practically grew up hearing these two things (son-ship and membership). We let our old sin nature stand in our way hence we take these two things for granted.

How are we unintentionally (or worst, intentionally) taking our membership for granted? I don’t know how many, but one of them is being a snub, intentionally a snub. We’re battle scarred with the hardships of this world, being pilgrims. You go to the church. Human beings are social beings; next to God, we need other human to survive and be sane. It is head shaking to see people snub other people inside the church for no particular reason. Yeah, they’re just being natural. Wait, so that means I can just kick someone’s sides and justify it as “old nature”? Definitely, unless you have numerous “defenders of the universe”, you’ll not do it. Yes, at the end of the day, it’s our choice whether will crack under pressure. You can’t put Hebrews 12:2 as a sort of excuse to all newcomers every time an ingrate acts in a “devil may care” manner, be it outwardly or subtly. After all, other aspect of fellowship is rebuke. Another thing we do that indicates the lack for appreciation of our son-ship and fellowship is spreading rumors and hate.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think, “what if there came to a point that they will be intentionally ignored by almost 100 people all at once, and most of them are your friends? What if you can’t come in to the place that matter to you?” Yes indeed. What if you wake up one day with your membership, and even son-ship, gone? Remember, when God gives statements, He will make sure you’ll feel it.

It’s quite envious to see people not making any effort to change, just doing their stuff. After all, they’re not kick outs. Bluntly but out of love, I say this: you’re taking your son-ship for granted.

The point of all this hammer pounding? Let’s not take our membership and sonship for granted. Take advantage of fellowship. Get involve. Take time to talk to some brothers and sisters; you’ll learn from them.

Have a nice day…or night.