Tuesday, August 17, 2010

High School back

High school days. Who can ever forget that? One way or another, we will never forget our high school life. For some of you, you’ll never forget the successes that you have either as an athlete, quiz champion, library rat, high school choir or chorale member, etc. For some of you, you’ll never forget how pretty or good looking you are back then. For some of you, you’ll never forget the time you forgot high school life. In our high school days, there are jocks, geeks, and ghost. In my case, I’m a geek. If you are a boastful individual, you don’t want to be labeled in all of the categories I’ve mentioned, so I LABELLED them UNLABELLED ones (please, please, please, don’t be too proud by not wanting to be categorized).

Okay, we’ll not dwell much on these categories. For a working person, high school life is a stage called ‘thing of the past’. Yes it is. Unfortunately, some of us never moved on from their high school life successes or failures. Yes, it’s good to cherish the past memories for us to smile. However, let us remember that we have grown up. Those people who are years junior to you also grew up. This is o longer high school. Welcome to the real world.

This is the very reason why being an alumni officer will be the most uncomfortable thing for me if ever (and I know that, chances are, it will not happen). Why? Universally speaking, we tend to pull down those who are junior or years lower than us. Unless we are broad minded enough, we still think of them as seniors, while these younger ones are juniors worth bullying, ridiculing, etc.

Whatever the case, high school molded us. It gave us learning experience worth learning for, be it good or bad. We may not be the smartest, or the best looking, or the most athletic, but STILL, we have learning experiences worth keeping.

…but today’s the real world. Let’s not use the word “past is past” just because you want someone to shut up; use it in ourselves every time we are tempted to bring back high school attitude. High school may have been rough to you. High school may have been your heydays. I know the feeling. Still, we have to move on. Those who graduated high school years after us have their own lives, just like every one of us. If you happen to see someone junior to you, say something nice; don’t show high school attitude called bullying or that superiority complex you’re itching to do (but never got the chance for one reason or another). We’re grownups; grownups are supposed to be accountable and responsible (or trying to be), and bullying and superiority complex is so lame.

Some people who know me call me childish. I’ll accept that. However, if you’re more mature than I am, you’ll say that these posts really make perfect sense.

To the high school jocks, geeks, beauty queens, hunks, ghosts, and unlabelled ones, may these words don’t sound like a plain angry man (because I’m not). I hope and pray that this will serve as sensible words to each and every one.