Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God created us unique

God created us unique from one another. Thus, we can’t strictly compare one person to another, even if they’re identical twins, even if they’re part of a specific family or clan.

On that note, I’ll tell you that I am my own person. Yes, I am similar to my parents or my brother, but I, just like all of us, am unique.

For years, yours truly have struggled to be just like others. Yeah, just like others. In my high school years, I strive to be an athlete, because girls go gaga over athletes. Because of that, I learned how to play basic basketball, but not competitive basketball. After all, I’m an academic guy (not a genius; my IQ’s not even 141). Still though, because of that, I learned the sport. I tried learning the street language…just to be like others (and some Christian students at that time are so proud they know this and that, things like slangs, foul language, etc, looking back, isn’t it humorously sickening). I’m not good in the language and the parliament of the streets, but at least I have learned most of the terminologies. I have tried to blend in. In some extent, I succeeded, but who I am really shows.

Especially during that dark past (2006-2008), I already embraced my uniqueness. Especially during graduate school, I have accepted that I am a geek. This is not boastfulness (as some have put it for years of so-called knowing me); this is acceptance. This is contentment. God made me this way. The wrong things that I’ve done are not justified, but it indicates how I, just like all of us, need God. God gave me the gifts and flaws (physical) that I have right now. I am 5’6”, I am 180 lbs. I am chubby and I have a fat belly. Yes, I can do some gym workout to lose those fats, but for the mean time, this is me. I tend either to stutter or lisp, and so are Rowan Atkinson, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Julia Roberts, and Ron Harper. I am hyperactive, and so are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Cosby, Jim Carrey, and Michael Phelps. My laughter is different; I laugh easily. I felt the ridicule of others on this. I am quite affected by this before, but now? Let me share what I learned: to laugh because someone joked is better than not laugh at all (IT’S AN INSULT TO THE SPEAKER or THE JOKER). To laugh oddly is better than to stab someone’s back and spread gossips and latest inside news (besides, I am a man; I don’t do that). You may outwit me on all of these posts or gave me an indifferent treatment just to prove something, but it’s now irrelevant.

Nope, I’m not lining myself up with the famous people I mentioned. Instead, by accepting my limitations and my weaknesses, I have accepted the other half of me, thus accepting that I am my own person.
If you can’t accept your physical, emotional, and even spiritual limitations, definitely you’ll never accept other people’s limitations. Thus, you will never be an effective teacher. You’ll be a good campaign manager, promoter, but you’ll never be an effective counselor. Worst, you’ll not be a good friend. Why? Rebuke to a friend must be coupled with acceptance. With these statements, I can’t help but think that the more harsh your back stabbings, criticisms are to others’ flaws, the more deep your issues are within yourself (silence is no exception). It’s so deep you want to cover it by talking about others.

My friends and brethren, accept who you are. What you can change, change. If you don’t want it in a hurry, minimize. What you can’t change for now, pray and surrender it to God. If you are eccentric, accept your eccentricities. Accept the geek in you. God made you like that for a reason.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank God for His Word

Whether we admit or not, we assessed things based on our own personality, preferences, and because of our own selves. For example, if you're a low profile person, your tendency is to proverbially list down things why you don't like talkative people. You will say that people who talk too much are less in actions. You'll say that they're careless. You'll mention quotations like "less talk, less mistake", just to show that being silent IS THE RIGHT THING. Bottom line? You just don't like people who don't talk much, you just found a way to justify your dislike. Yes, when they found a Bible verse to justify their dislike, presto, being talkative per se is wrong. Now, on other side, people hate a silent people because they see it as being hypocrite or having a "nice boy/girl effect". They will add that tongue and the whole mouth was not created just to taste and receive food. When they hear a pastor preaches against either talkativeness or being to silent/shy/timid this, they'll proverbially (or literally) look at the person and say, "that's him/her/them. Either way, isn't it a step or two close to cult-like Biblical interpretation? Isn't it shallow? Worst, we can say that since by doing we didn't go proper inquiry,ISN'T THAT STUPID WHEN WE DO THAT?

These are just few examples that we can truly say that we should thank God for giving us His Word - the Bible. When a person or a group of people or a congregation reads the Bible, everyone is hit! No bullet dodgings. No justifications because of his/her personal background. EVERYONE IS GUILTY (and every good deed is praised, one way or another)...and that is the fun part.

We tend to rebuke a person plainly because we don't like him/her, not because of the context of his/her actions. With God's Word, we are guided. Thus, we should not be dismayed that a preacher we know have not applied his own preaching. It just shows that the Bible is not biased for the preacher preaching that. It is for everyone to hear and read as both rebuke and encouragement.

I hope that I'm making sense, even if this post only took 30 minutes to be conceptualized.

God bless.

I voted

I just voted. It's so good participating in this democratic practice. You saw the news: we are automated. Now, I know you say that the automated system is not good. IBM or "It's better manual" as a veteran professor once said. In my personal experience. I waited for 2-3 hours to vote. I voted for only 3-5 minutes.

Since we gave this automation a try, let's expect that better technologies for elections will come. I just hope that the evil ones don't take advantage of this by making big money out of this. If they do, may God judge take care of them!

Let us consider that this is the first time that the elections will go automated. There are a lots of rooms for improvement. Since the voting places were combined to form ONE voting place, definitely there will be chaos on the first time. Still though, this is no excuse to go disorganized. I do believe that there are people in the COMELEC, and private volunteers who had been proactive prior to this day's election. Still though, good people in the COMELEC are still human beings.

Optimistic? Maybe. Optimism is a good tool in this times pessimistic society.

Let's not blame automation if cheating still takes place. Karen Davila of DZMM and ABS CBN once said that regardless of what system we shall use, if people wanted to cheat, they will find a way to cheat.

Let us watch and be vigilant that our votes be not wasted, regardless of the candidates you voted.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Social, FB y algunas cuestiones vale la pena reflexionar

Facebook es un sitio Web de red SOCIAL. Cada vez que ver y escucha palabras como "social" y "sociedad", se refiere a personas y grupos de personas.

Tengo que ser honesto: facebook es sólo un abridor de tipo. Observación crítica de la presente nota dirá a usted que esto es más que seres sociales (aunque facebook son tocado aquí en algunos puntos).

Ahora, ¿significa por esto que se nos debemos mantener nuestra boca cerrar o poner nuestras manos fuera de los teclados cuando hemos querido expresar la ira, para utilizar códigos a otra persona y examinarlos reír a muerte? Sí y no. Sí, porque como cristianos, nos estamos espera que un epítome de amor, bondad fraterno, cierto grado de tolerancia y si es necesario, el perdón y la capacidad de recuperación. Especialmente si usted es un miembro de una iglesia local, no es una buena vista a porque he aquí cuando ves a hermanos y hermanas que decir palabras, dando códigos (en algunos puntos, es tan gay cuando hacer masculino que, me recuerda de estrella del espectáculo local muestra hahahaha), uno negativo fundas después de un esfuerzo positivo (cínico, verdad?). No, porque el hombre es un ser social, y un ser social HEALTHY mostrará ira (pero en determinadas extensiones sólo) sobre algo en el fin de dar una señal a otro social que él o ella no le gusta ciertas cosas (es equivocada y no saludable si estás nunca enojado; silencio no equiparar bondad y madurez por el camino).

Aún a pesar de que, como cristianos, tenemos que ser un ejemplo de bondad fraterno, en cierta medida de la tolerancia de la personalidad de una persona (e incluso excentricidad o hasta cierto punto sus debilidades), perdón y el optimismo (no encontrar de error). No, no es hipocresía al hacerlo (sinceramente). Es sólo de hipocresía cuando no eres sincero haciendo esas virtudes que he mencionado.

Sí, es difícil hacerlo. Algunas personas son sólo espina en sus lados, incluso si no estás buscando problemas. Algunas personas son stabbers posteriores. Algunas personas simplemente no pueden pasar de sus mal hechos. Algunas personas, debido a sus pasados mal hechos, consideren le no creíble, por tanto, haciendo caso omiso de sus opiniones sobre las cosas. Algunas personas piensan altamente de sí mismos. Algunas personas son tan inconoclastia que hacen a cada persona en un caso de estudio. Al igual que yo, algunas personas simplemente no pueden cerrar arriba (yo soy culpable). A pesar de todas esas cosas, nos recordará que somos cristianos.

No es de extrañar que gran mentes distancian de asociaciones más profundos con la gente cuando se encargó de predicamentos "hacerse cargo" - debido a esto, que sólo arruinará su mente si ponen atención en estas molestias. No es de extrañar William James Sidis, un hombre conocido a tener un coeficiente intelectual de alrededor de 195-200, aislado a sí mismo. Sin embargo, si eres humano, estás social siendo. Ya que usted es un ser social, no tenemos otra opción pero viven a través de esto. Después de todo, si conseguimos a vivir a través de esto, considero decirle, que usted mismo socialmente maduro, independientemente de si eres el tipo silencioso o el tipo hablador. Después de todo, Jesús se fueron a la sinagoga a pesar de saber (es omnisciente) que son el stabbers espaldas y hipócritas allí.

Definitivamente, yo no puedo hacer todo esto (especialmente cuando observó), pero esto espero un abierto recordatorio para todos nosotros (incluido yo mismo). Después de todo, hay una sombra de la verdad del Evangelio en todo esto. Yo soy sólo un hombre guardado por la gracia que no tiene deseo, sino una relación fraternal armoniosa y sincera.