Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you proud that badmouthed an authority figure?

Just recently, I saw on television how Rosanna Roces made a negative remark on teachers. Actually, it was not a negative remark about teachers themselves. It is on how she badmouthed some of her teachers when she’s still studying.

Okay, let’s be fair enough. Maybe Rosanna Roces did it for the sake of creating a punch line. Maybe she is just trying to level up with another celebrity (Vice Ganda) humor-wise. After all, Vice Ganda is known for his “Filipino comedy bar” type of humor (so far, as for me, he’s still politically correct). Maybe she’s just carried away by her emotion. However, since she’s a public figure and she did it around late morning – early afternoon period (in which shows are expected to be as wholesome as possible [yeah right, wholesome, thanks to classical conditioning, just look at the dancers, but that’s another story]), the ABS-CBN policed their own by doing something about it. Then, MTRCB suspended the show SHOWTIME. Again, it’s another story...and it’s not my topic.

Here’s another angle that yours truly wanted you to ponder (if you care): let’s be introspective on the words BEING PROUD OF BAD DEEDS. For humor’s sake, Rosanna Roces said that she badmouthed some of her teachers for not teaching her well. When I heard those statements, it reminded of something: how some people feel so proud when they did something to the people in authority. Maybe all of you have encountered people that will say, “That celebrity? Hmp. Back in school, we used to bully him/her.” Or “That famous person? He or she is so dumb.” Or “Him/Her? Har har har.” Blah blah blah. Of course, there’s the classic that we (I include myself; I don’t want to be a Pilate) usually do negatively on teachers. Poor teachers who have been victims of these arrogant little infants. They are intelligent, maybe smarter than their teachers. Maybe they’re rich; after all, most teachers are overworked and underpaid. Maybe at that young age knows and are good friends with “powers that be”. However, you know what they lack? Respect. Please, don’t ever give me the “I am against hypocrisy” slogan. Chances are, you may not exactly know what term means and its origins (Example: digging deeper, if a preacher commited something that is not in line with what he preaching, he’s not automatically a hypocrite, it’s called backsliding. There’s a difference between hypocrisy and backsliding).

A friendly and brotherly reminder to every one of us: let’s not be proud that we did something wrong or we bad mouthed someone in authority (like teachers). Let’s not be proud of our bad deeds. It’s not wrong to recall that once or many times in our life that we defy authority figures. One of the reasons why God created our brain is to recall experiences in order for us to learn. However, it is pride when you feel so good doing that. When our own backyard is dirty, you will clean it as much as possible. You throw the garbage. We don’t and must not show our garbage to our neighbors. Garbage is meant to be thrown before your neighbor can see it mounting up. Same thing with bad deeds. We made our mistakes in the past. We may smile and laugh on our own stupidity why did we did it in the first place, but never be proud of it. After all, pride itself is wrong.

Good day. 