Thursday, November 11, 2010

Basic courtesy and other stuff for middle level to speak

I heard the news that a long time middle manager of an organization resigned. The long time middle manager, known for power tripping ways even by department not directly under the person mentioned. That person’s attitude towards fellow coworkers has reached its peak, causing the ire of the ones in top. This person is a college graduate, even entering graduate school from a reputable school.

It really pays to invest on people in simple ways. A basic courtesy of responding to “good morning” will usually make a big difference. No, I’m not an expert on office management or organizational management. After all, even if I am an expert, if a person’s skull is figuratively thick and narrow, this doesn’t matter. Still, I’ll mention it anyway. Basic courtesy (just the basics, not really the “fine dining and diplomatic” courtesy) really matters.

1) Learn to greet back when you’re greeted, EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL THE PERSON. This shows not only breeding, but you have basic courtesy. I can still remember Dr. Nilo Rosas, former President of Philippine Normal University. I know in his eyes and in his complexion that he’s red with anger with someone or something. I happened to see him walking. I greeted him “good morning”. He replied with a “good morning” and a nod, despite of his day not being that good. If he can do it, so can we.

2) Never play or trip with power. After all, you’re just a middle level manager; you don’t have that much power…literally. As long as there’s someone higher than you are, you are a middle level manager.

3) Don’t throw your baggage to those under you or supposedly under you. Yes, maybe you’re bullied, tortured, unrecognized, etc, when you were much younger. However, most probably, those under you are not the very same people who treated you unwell. Remember, professionalism doesn’t only mean going to work on time or ahead of time and doing your job the way it is told you. PROFESSIONALISM ALSO MEANS NOT PUTTING YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS AND PERSONAL BAGGAGE IN THE WAY OF REAL POSITIVE OBJECTIVITY.

4) Get into sports or any physical activities. Doing this releases tension and stress, and even displace those baggage deep within. Don’t believe that working out or going to the gym or playing at least one sport is for vain, narcissistic, and boastful individuals. After all, if you want to displace your anger, it’s better to displace it on things than people.

5) If you happen to work as a human resource head (if you’re not humane, maybe personnel will do he he he he he), be courteous enough if you no longer need the service of a specific person. If a person is working on you as a contractual employee, make sure to inform him/her at least a month ahead. Remember, he/she needs to look for another job; he/she needs time, (especially if the employee happens to be a teacher). If you ever hate the gut of the person, have at least a heart to inform him/her. In addition, give him/her the necessary clearances without hesitation. In that way, you have truly got rid of the person…unless you have pleasure in other people’s misery.

There are more to come…