Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Indifferent Audience Effect

We may have seen this a couple of times. No, maybe many times. People acting like intelligent audience and other people are the show. After each of this show, this people, the allegorical audience, will start to mention his or her opinion. It can be praises from these actors and actresses. It can be criticisms, be it constructive or destructive. It can also be superiority effect manifesting by having a sense of indifference towards the proverbial show. Let’s focus on the indifferent metaphorical audience. He watched this figurative show, then after watching, he seemed to mention one thing: I don’t care.

At first glance, you may say that he’s just avoiding rumors, gossips, and just minding his own business. Actually, that angle can be true. After all, it’s not wrong to mind your own business. However, let’s focus a bit on the other side of this coin. There’s a tendency of pride in this type of attitude. Why did we say that? Let’s put it this way: if you are interested with a show, it indirectly means you admire something, or someone, on that show. Since it interests you, you’ll watch the show. An indifferent proverbial audience doesn’t care; he just wanted to watch and see either the protaganist or antagonist manifest his or her flaws.

The ultimate slam? The “i don’t care” look. You know what? It’s better to criticize than to play poker face. Now, putting it on real life situation, if you’re not interested (just a bit) in other people’s life, there’s a chance that you’re not interested to anyone EXCEPT YOURSELF. When that happens, you’re being self centered. And self centeredness is another form of pride. Disinterest and indifference are symptons that you’re implying superiority over others. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you meddle on other people’s life and privacy. I’m just trying to tell that as human beings, it’s normal to be interested on other people and their lives other than yourself. Being interested is an indication that there’s a possibility that you care, but to certain extent.It’s never wrong (on certain extent) to admire actors, be it literal or figurative. It shows that you acknowledge your own imperfections and limitations.

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