Monday, July 19, 2010

Bounce Back

There are times that a Christian is faced one day that his name is marred negatively one way or another. Maybe it’s his fault. He committed sin which was eventually revealed. After all, sin has its way of being revealed, especially those sins that either you are not admitting or you are, well, “taking care of”. Because of this, he will definitely be given a disciplinary action in order to be consistent with the orderliness. On another angle, he might have figured in exaggerated information. These types of information may not be proven or it may be questionable. However, to avoid controversy to spark up, leadership has no choice but to give a disciplinary action to the person involved so that order can be restored. After all, God is the God of order.

The aftermath of certain disciplinary actions is felt by the recipient. However, it is most especially felt by the recipient’s loved ones. “Consequence. Oh, consequence, your life, if left as is, will fall out of sequence.” People who have been the recipient of certain disciplinary actions (especially publicized ones) are having a hard time bouncing back. One of the reasons is the shame it causes to the recipients. Still though, it is part of the consequence one has to experience because he allowed himself to be fooled by none other than Satan (the Biggest LOSER who wanted Christians to be losers). After all, Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden because Satan tricked them. As a result, this type of people typically either not attend the church services or they’ll do so but remain as “background” Christians.

Another consequence is difficulty in going back to ministries that he desires. It can be because he has a sense of pride. After all, your name was marred. It can also be that because of the aftermath, your family and loved ones will discourage you in joining again. This is aggravated when the person wants to go back and be in the ministry. The latter is more difficult than the former. After all, the person formerly given the action wants to go back in his ministries full gear. The spiritual reality is this: despite the understandability of the situation, in Christ’s judgment seat, it is not an excuse that you didn’t serve and follow His will plainly because your loved ones didn’t allow you.

The point? Let us pray dearly to our fellow brethren in Christ who stumbled in certain times of their life, especially those who really wanted to go full gear ahead. If we can be an encouragement, be generous with it. If we can be the person who can drag the “failed ones” to be full gear ahead, let us do so. If we can talk to the failed ones relatives, convince them to finally allowed their “fallen loved one”, LET US DO SO. PROVE TO THEM BY YOUR WORDS AND DEEDS THAT GOING BACK IN GOD’S MINISTRY IS WORTH RETURNING FOR! After all, most of the times in this present generation, God can only prove Himself right through the testimony AND warmth of the brethren. The fact that these believers are still alive proves that God still has purpose on these people. It means He still wants to use these people. Besides, are you certain that you’ll never fail? Failures can happen to anyone.

How about you? Are your testimonies marred and your moral authority lost because of what happened in your life? Are you misunderstood because they don’t know the whole story (it is a rarity when people know the whole story by the way; it’s the reason why as believers we must think first before we judge). Try bouncing back. Keep on serving God! Ministry is never a knock out ball game; it is described Biblically as “THE race that is set before us.” (all caps mine). Yes, it will be hard because after all, we did something wrong. However, it is also wrong to just close your door to God’s vineyard. You accountability never ends with disciplinary actions. In God’s judgment seat, it will never be an excuse that the reason for discontinuing our service is because we failed or your loved ones stopped you to do so.

Maybe some will think of this as retaining certain status symbols or restoring your marred names. It’s not. This is more of the case of “between you and God” alone. Besides, it’s never fashionable and it’s quite immature to blame. In addition, rumor mongers and indifferent ones will just label you BITTER and CHILDISH.

Yes, life must surely go on after our failures, but your life will surely be blessed again if you continue your life serving God.

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Carla Sue said...

How very true. I just stumbled across your blog and this post reached out to me, at this point where I am in life. God bless!