Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank God for His Word

Whether we admit or not, we assessed things based on our own personality, preferences, and because of our own selves. For example, if you're a low profile person, your tendency is to proverbially list down things why you don't like talkative people. You will say that people who talk too much are less in actions. You'll say that they're careless. You'll mention quotations like "less talk, less mistake", just to show that being silent IS THE RIGHT THING. Bottom line? You just don't like people who don't talk much, you just found a way to justify your dislike. Yes, when they found a Bible verse to justify their dislike, presto, being talkative per se is wrong. Now, on other side, people hate a silent people because they see it as being hypocrite or having a "nice boy/girl effect". They will add that tongue and the whole mouth was not created just to taste and receive food. When they hear a pastor preaches against either talkativeness or being to silent/shy/timid this, they'll proverbially (or literally) look at the person and say, "that's him/her/them. Either way, isn't it a step or two close to cult-like Biblical interpretation? Isn't it shallow? Worst, we can say that since by doing we didn't go proper inquiry,ISN'T THAT STUPID WHEN WE DO THAT?

These are just few examples that we can truly say that we should thank God for giving us His Word - the Bible. When a person or a group of people or a congregation reads the Bible, everyone is hit! No bullet dodgings. No justifications because of his/her personal background. EVERYONE IS GUILTY (and every good deed is praised, one way or another)...and that is the fun part.

We tend to rebuke a person plainly because we don't like him/her, not because of the context of his/her actions. With God's Word, we are guided. Thus, we should not be dismayed that a preacher we know have not applied his own preaching. It just shows that the Bible is not biased for the preacher preaching that. It is for everyone to hear and read as both rebuke and encouragement.

I hope that I'm making sense, even if this post only took 30 minutes to be conceptualized.

God bless.

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