Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I voted

I just voted. It's so good participating in this democratic practice. You saw the news: we are automated. Now, I know you say that the automated system is not good. IBM or "It's better manual" as a veteran professor once said. In my personal experience. I waited for 2-3 hours to vote. I voted for only 3-5 minutes.

Since we gave this automation a try, let's expect that better technologies for elections will come. I just hope that the evil ones don't take advantage of this by making big money out of this. If they do, may God judge take care of them!

Let us consider that this is the first time that the elections will go automated. There are a lots of rooms for improvement. Since the voting places were combined to form ONE voting place, definitely there will be chaos on the first time. Still though, this is no excuse to go disorganized. I do believe that there are people in the COMELEC, and private volunteers who had been proactive prior to this day's election. Still though, good people in the COMELEC are still human beings.

Optimistic? Maybe. Optimism is a good tool in this times pessimistic society.

Let's not blame automation if cheating still takes place. Karen Davila of DZMM and ABS CBN once said that regardless of what system we shall use, if people wanted to cheat, they will find a way to cheat.

Let us watch and be vigilant that our votes be not wasted, regardless of the candidates you voted.

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