Monday, April 26, 2010

Stick to your plan (or similar to that)

Some people are insensitive, inconsiderate, and sometimes manipulative, to the point that they'll mess with other people's schedule so much. Give them a plain, “no, I can't. I'm busy.”, they'll give heart-stumping words, yes, words that will definitely prick your heart. No is such an unacceptable word for them. At the end, who is the end receiver when things go haywire? YOU.

Just a brotherly reminder: not all people who say “no, I can't. I'm busy.” are just making an excuse. Besides, mature people know their priorities, right? In additional, the reason why they're busy is because other people need them or their ability. So please be considerate. Sacrifice, by the way, should be volitional. Pricking someone's heart intentionally is somewhat manipulative.

Yes, it's never wrong to help, to sacrifice, to give things a shot. However, please bear in mind, that at the end, all the consequences of those madness is solely you. For example, if because of your manipulation the person manipulated were fired or caused a gap in significant relationships, do you even have the nerve to defend or even take the cudgels? Most of the time, no. After all,

Even if people who persuaded on decisions will try to defend you out, still, the blame is on you. After all, mature people will and must accept accountability and responsibility for their actions. By the way, I strongly believe that there are only two institutions that I believe need your extra mile effort: family and church. Period. Well, how about government? On certain cases only.

To those who always manipulate people on doing things that at the end will jeopardize their priorities, have a sense of accountability. Don't dodge the bullets when you're blame at. Don't use the “it's your choice. You can leave if you want to” words. You were given a “NO, I'm busy”, yet you didn't accept it anyway. Don't also use the “you still have a choice” words. The fact that you pricked a person's heart wrongly proves that you gave him a choice, but will make him feel guilty, bad, or indifferent (when in fact, it's not).

To those who encountered these situations, please don't judge right away. Consider if you are truly busy or not. When you're truly busy, stick to your schedule. You'll be a good help on a long run when you follow your schedule. When they mess your emotions of thinking that either you're indifferent, bad, etc, let me tell you this: you know yourself better in these situations.

As mature people, we are accountable for our actions. Let's not allow ourselves to be fooled, manipulated, and used by other people to the point that your priorities will be jeopardized. At the end, you'll end up receiving and accpeting the consequences, and those people are scot-free (I admit that sometimes, I just wish they'll receive what is also due them, but we are Christians.) especially if the actions are not for God's glory.

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