Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manipulators and being manipulated part 2

4) Manipulative people will make other people accountable for their own ideas – they will persuade you to do this, give you the guilt if ever you will not do it, and presto, you did it. Then, things went worst, and he or she’s not there to help you. You’ll end up receiving the blame. You’ll end the sole accountable. At the end, you’ll just realize that you did it all wrong. The worst part? The rule book says that you REALLY DID SOMETHING...AND IT IS TRUE. This is the very reason why we should read the fine prints and read between the lines when we’re signing contracts, negotiating, and being advised. Always remember that at the end, you’re responsible for your own actions. Because of that, you must not let other people dictate your own actions. If ever you wanted to take other people’s advices, examine its consequences. There are people who are so good in giving advices that they’re almost dictating you. Still, when you feel that you’re being dictated or the person is trying to manipulate you to take certain actions, JUST LISTEN, but never do it.

5) Manipulative people are good in making you feel or look guilty – They’re good in touching your precious ego. Now, when this happens, DON’T EVER BE GUILTY. People commit mistakes in decision making. By the way, not all seemingly guilty people are truly guilty people. If you feel you’re manipulated to join them in almost all of their gatherings, gives you the unnecessary (especially if it’s not family and church ministry) burden, let me tell you this: you can never save them ALL. What if the person influenced many people to make you look guiltier than the usual? Let them act like mobs and unintelligent beings. After all, they allowed themselves to be fooled. If someone don’t bother to listen to your side, yet they bad mouthed, then they’re plain stupid because listening to both side of the story is one of the BASIC truth seeking tools.

6) When you felt no guilt or not fazed by their antics, manipulative people will do a notch higher. – you are unfazed by his or her antics, until you’re surprised that he or she did something with your stuff or your corporation (if you’re a boss). Even though it’s difficult, always try to be calm when dealing with him. If you wanted to be confrontational, get ready to become the seemingly wrong guy. This is the reason why the term Vox Populi Vox Dei is not all the time right. Besides, you can’t please everybody.

Maybe there are more. Please put your inputs if you have one.

Satan, like I said, is the ultimate manipulator. He had deceived the first human beings, Adam and Eve, in eating the Forbidden fruit. Thus, Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden of Eden. Though our ancestors Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden because of their sins, God knows that Satan deceived them. Satan is manipulating people, be it believers and unbelievers, because He is Lake of Fire bound. He is miserable from the time he was kicked out of Heaven, and misery loves company. He is the ultimate loser.

Applying it in human terms, manipulative people are highly insecure people. They needed someone to control because without them, they’re lonely and sad individuals. This is the reason why most of the time, they’re not tough enough to do self-depreciating jokes. They needed a “yes man” or “yes woman”. Never argue with them. Instead, talk to them in the calmest way possible. Look them straight to the eye. Try not to be angry, nervous, and reclusive. Manipulative people love to see people on their toes. Despite their deceptions, their actions will eventually be revealed. Those who were deceived will either apologize to you All of these examples don’t automatically mean that when a person is like number 5 or 6, he is manipulative. It is only an aid. I maybe wrong on certain points.

Hope this one is a good help.

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