Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ang Ladlad was nodded (part 1)

I just read the article (late) that ANG LADLAD was given the nod by the supreme court.

Okay...we can't do something about it. When I read the article, it seems the supreme court has a convincing reasons why they gave them the nod.

Okay, we'll give the respect due them.

However, this is freedom of expression. Thus, i will tell you that i am against this decision. Don't get me wrong. I'm not homophobic. Still, we cant do something about it.

Pero for me, they're discrete, but not underrepresented, and they're not economically powerless.
And when i said this, I am not discriminating.

If it does, then i will tell the countless persecutions the early Baptist preachers and even modern day Baptist preachers are getting. Just for the God's Word to be spread.

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