Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unasked Questions...Unsaid Statements

I have questions in my head. Many. I have statements in my head. Many. The word “many” may not be as many as those smart guys out there, but I do sure it’s not few. I have ideas. I don’t know if it’s crazy or intelligent. Although there are times that they’re nonsense but still, those are ideas.

The problem is how to verbalize this idea. This problem is followed by another problem: I can’t formulate thought provoking questions. It was said that Socrates know this one well. God gave wisdom to Biblical people like Apostles Paul, Peter, John, and of course, who can forget Solomon, dubbed by Bible readers as the wisest who lived on earth (and I agree). Yes, I can ask questions, but only PROVOKING questions (I hope you get the innuendo), not THOUGHT-provoking questions.

There are times that I will withhold the questions in the head. It’s like, “something’s not right. I think it’s...” However, because I don’t want to be an offense especially to the brethren, I will, as the Bible puts it, “hold my peace”. There are times that I have ideas, but because I don’t want to be “accused” (yes, that word) of “weird”, I will not verbally share my ideas.

Because of this practice, as years go by, I find it hard to ask questions and to verbally share ideas (I maybe talkative, but when it comes to ideas, I feel that I am not voicing it out efficiently). Because I find it hard to ask questions, it follows that I can give thought and idea provoking questions. After all, when you often ask questions, you practiced the art of doing it. Once you have a good grasp of questions, you can ask the right set of questions. By asking the right set of questions, the person being asked will find it hard to bluff. In other words, by not practicing the art of questioning and verbally sharing ideas, it made asking and sharing ideas difficult.

Because of this, there are times that I will only find out that the ideas in my head are either right or it makes sense. Normally, I will regret not mentioning the idea or not asking the questions. It’s like, “it’s all in my head, why did I not mention or did ask about it?”

That’s why last year, I started to ask questions, even if it’s nonsense. After all, by doing so, I think that I’m practicing it. About verbalizing my ideas further, I think I should a bit bolder by now.
The point of this post is neither to rebel/question authorities nor rudely supersedes the authority’s ideas. The point of this post is try to ask questions in situations that require it. Give ideas. Ask questions (but please try to ask it politely if possible). What if you ask the wrong questions and said the wrong ideas? It’s just normal. However, that doesn’t mean that we should keep our mouth shut for asking questions and verbally giving ideas just because we committed stupid or not-so-stupid mistakes.

I hope that I’m making sense I?

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