Friday, March 26, 2010

A truly busy person

Stereotypically, in an office setting, we see a busy person with papers on his desk, left and right. He’s sitting, not talking to anyone, because he is busy. Is it right? Yes AND no. Yes, he can be busy. No, he is just maybe killing his time, making himself look busy for varied reasons. In a school setting, we’ll see a teacher’s desk, grade sheets, class records, forms, students’ project etc. Name it. It’s on his desk. Mr./Ms. Teacher is busy right? Yes and No. Yes, he made himself busy. School nowadays are busier not only for the students (so they say), but also for the teachers. No, he is not truly busy. There are times that teachers avoid being delegated added tasks/chores by his immediate superior (department chairman) or by the principal/dean himself. With due respect, this is usually common with some seasoned teachers. Trust me. I was an elementary and high school teacher and I am a professor right as of this moment.

A truly busy person will take time to clean and organize his desk when there’s a time to do so. Why? Because he knows that if he has a bad desk and a disorganized drawer, it will consume extra time. However, if his drawer and desk is neat, he will have shorter time to look for the things that he need.

A truly busy person is not a fault finder or a perennial critic. Why did we say so? Because He’s busy; he has no time to find faults. After all, he’s preoccupied. Example: try to take a look at the person that you dislike from a distance. You may tell things against him. How many seconds or minutes did you consume? For those self righteous out there, maybe you’ll say, “Hmp. Next topic please”. Don’t you know that you already consumed 1.37 seconds just by saying that? (By the way, it will only take less of a second by greeting someone, “Good morning, sir/ma’am”) Still guilty as hell!

A truly busy person will not say outright, “I AM BUSY!” He’ll only say it when pressed upon. He’ll only say it after looking thoroughly checking his schedule. We know of Christians who, despite of their busy schedule, still has time to serve God in the ministry. Truly busy because for God’s glory...and for men. Usually, when you notice these ministers, they can still manage to smile. They still have time to humor the people they know. He knows that he needs that positive outlook in order to sustain his energy because of a busy week ahead.

A truly busy person definitely has no time for gossips. We find it very funny how teachers/coworkers/employees will gather together when talking about certain issues (worst, other people) that is usually 15-30 minutes (or even more depending on their break time), but is nowhere to be found when the poor Principal/Immediate head/dean will give them the task (who is the end receiver? The kindhearted ones! SHAME ON YOU, RUMOR MONGERS and FAULT FINDERS!). He has no time for gossips. PERIOD. There are times we’ll only say the words, “oh my, we have no time for gossips” because we already heard the gossip or we don’t like the person spreading the gossip or the gossip is all about us. STILL, SHAME ON YOU! A busy person has no time for gossip. Period.

The next time we used the words, “I am busy.”, prove that you’re really busy. Don’t say it just because you’re making an alibi. Don’t say it because you’re merely snubbing a person. Prove that you really are.

These are only opinions. This is not the Bible. This is experiential and testimonial. 

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