Monday, March 15, 2010

Did and Doing My Part

Every time the lights are turned off, people went out. People go down. People talking with people. I watch. I watch them sitting down. I watch them while standing. I gave my smile. I nodded, greeted, even shook their hands. I gave them the humor, without knowing whether it is funny or not. I waited till the last person is out, or almost the last person is out. I missed the times, but still, time will not stop just because I missed the times.

With bluntness (and I don’t know if there’s that kind of word anyway), I wanted to say is this: I have done my part. It will never be my fault after this. After this, I am no longer accountable on this part of my humanity. Nobody can say that the reason I don’t have one is because I never ask one. I have done my part. The boastfulness that was called and hurled upon me is only absurdity and is preposterous (as if both words have very different meaning). After all, only the person who lifts other people’s chair has only the right to say if a person lifts up his own chair.

Still, I will go when the lights are on, sing when the stage is set, go out when the lights are off, try to wait for the last person to go out. I have no choice. To walk out is to admit what I am not. To go out before the lights are off is so not me. It is not meant to be. It should not be. As David at Ziklag. Paul at the prison. Moving out to go and find another stage must not be the first option.

Friends and brethren, it is indeed true that a believer’s labor is not in vain in the Lord. However, it is also true that one should not withhold credit to someone whom you think deserve it. Every brethren deserves a tap on the back, regardless of his situation. We are never blameless for every brethren that fell and went out.

One way or another, we contributed to the ridicule...or indifference...or “snobbishness”... After all, when you’re at home, will you go out? I’m not passing the blame. Just giving you the other side of the coin to think about...if you have time to think.

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