Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Church’s men, the loving your own, and the tales

Note: universal concern, not specific

Not to be sexist, but in the church, men has a significant role. After all, when worse comes to worst, it is the men that are held accountable for, especially on the married level. There are a lot of expectations if you happened to be a member of the male gender. Whether feminists will admit this or not, but still this is true: one reason why they wanted equality is partially because men didn’t meet their...expectations ( the “what a man must be” thing). More and more men, they say, are being irresponsible. Just look of numerous men that, when they got a woman pregnant, left the woman pregnant and alone (still though, stories like this must not be automatically believed at ala-“auto pilot”. Proofs must be presented. Both sides must be heard. When you have no time for such investigations, then you should not also take time to assume who did it...but that’s another story).

These angst by the womankind is understandable. However, is it enough to belittle and demasculate men? To be specific, is it enough reason to generalize men and spread the word to other womankind that “men here are like this and that”? With no apology, I will say “NO”. After all, there are women who manipulates to make an event or events happen. There are women who used men for their own gain. There are women who, after you were used, you’ll be blamed in almost everything that is wrong, though those types of women manipulated their men to do so. Still, do we men have all the right to generalize and to say that women are like this and that WITHOUT RECEIVING ANY NEGATIVE and SOMETIMES VIOLENT REACTIONS? No...because we are men. Let us accept the fact that only Mary experienced to have a Child though she’s a virgin. This means, you are here because of one woman AND ONE MAN.

Putting it in the ecclesiastical setting, men have tremendous responsibilities in the church. Sad as it may seem, there are times that men are less appreciated. Not only men are less appreciated, but some women tend to say that men in their church are not good. They accuse that men in their church, single men to be exact, are like this and that. That they are immature. That they are not gentlemen. Worst, that they are bunch of...playboys. Now, here is the danger for thinking that way with men: to add to the injury, when there are newcomers, women are, well “oriented” with how their men “behaves”, “thinks”, and that their men are “no good”. Now, again, let me tell you that we are not tolerating sins. All we are saying is that we must be tolerant enough with our fellow brethren. Give them time to improve. Each of us have different struggles. Telling other people that the male members of your own church are not so good is like destroying your own. At the end, you destroyed your own self. It’s like family. Will you divulge your siblings’ dark secrets? I doubt if you will do, especially if you love them so much. You don’t call your male co-members “brother” for nothing. By the way, let us also remember that by hitting the male species, you are hitting your own father, brother, uncle, and every male species that you cherish and value. There is no “not all” jargon please.

Well, maybe you’ll ask, “how’s your men in the church?” Well, as for my fellow male brethren, I can say personally that most have a sense of maturity in their heads. After all, maturity can be seen on how they handle their ministry and their own jobs. Besides, being mature and being wacky are two different entities not to be inter-twined with each other. Another thing, real saved individuals have a sense of optimism: it also includes optimism that whatever the male species did, they will bounce back if they are truly saved.

By the way, it will be of good help if we stop taking the telenovelas, the love story pocket books too seriously. One way or another, when taken seriously, they give you wrong perspectives on men.

Men that are truly saved and are serving God one way or another are not your enemies. They are not all weaknesses. They are good friends, able to work hand-in-hand. After all, there are so many things needed to be done.

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