Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do rules seem to change when you're in the picture?

Have you felt that at times, the unwritten rules of a situation’s game seem to change when you come into the picture? It’s like the rules are this and that, then, the rules don’t apply to you? It’s quite unfair, isn’t it?
It’s like these situations:

1) You’ve tasted the teeth of those rules, because, well, it needs to be done. It was said that it’s needed to be followed, to restore order, to avoid “further damages”. You nodded your head on approval, despite being painful. It was done quick and clean. Then, suddenly, in some circumstances, that same stuff can’t be done on other circumstances. It’s unfair, isn’t it?

2) You were taught that you’ll get more friends by being careful with your choice of words. When you’re heard speaking foul languages or curses, you’re motivated (nice word) by receiving these words (maybe not exact, but quite similar): “you’ll have lesser friends if you talk that way”. Then, you heard other people use foul languages. Here you are, trying to be as nice and approachable as possible, but Mr./Ms./Mrs. Foul-mouth had all the fun and…friends.

3) You saw someone did this; he/she was understood. You did the very same thing, not only you were not tolerated, but was also to your conscience.

4) You were taught to wear proper “dress code” to be acceptable. Just look at the fashionistas, and tell me who is more cool and acceptable, even in church circles (sometimes).

Yeah right, maybe there are situations much more serious than these, but the point is this: we felt that rules change once you come into picture. Unfair, isn’t it? What makes this more unfair is this: when you mention these words, you’ll be pricked to your ego or hearts. You’ll be preached that it is wrong to think such. You’ll be called sensitive, chicken, cry baby, etc. You can also be IGNORED. After all, to receive apathy is more cruel than being hated. The ultimate words? “there are more people who have bigger problems as you are” OR “SHUT UP!”.

No, it should not be said that this post is to reprove, rebuke, or correct. In fact, the feeling that you’re treated unfairly is normal.

Think deeper. We’re billions. It was said that God deals with us individually. Why? We have individual differences. We are unique. Besides, one way or another, you have benefited from your advantages. What is advantageous to you can be unfair to others. Besides, you don’t know what is going on with that person. It’s like some people always win on a raffle draws (not the gambling one, you know what I mean). Why? Maybe they need these things.

I believe that God has his own equations. Looking it in your VERY OWN experience, you’ll feel that life has been unfair to you. However, looking at the WHOLE PICTURE, you’ll notice that God is still fair. I don’t know the theology on this or if this is acceptable and I hope that that will not sound New Age. Looking at the bigger picture, God has been fair to each and every one of us. We’re just sometimes too selfish and self-centered.

Besides, if we truly believe that each human being is unique, then it’s unwise to compare yourself with others, when it comes to what we receive in life. The next time we felt being treated “unfairly”, let’s just think that God is dealing with each of us in a way not the same from others. Let’s just think that in the bigger picture, God has been fair to mankind. After all, even if we don’t think in this manner, it’s the truth that God is fair. 

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