Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Because I’m always out of town (not rich, my friends. Just given the opportunity to travel, and to some point not at my own expenses), I have no time to greet you this greeting:

Merry Christmas (though it’s late, better late than never)!

Does the Old Church follow the Christmas celebration of other Baptist churches? Like other Baptist churches I know, the Old Church is not your place to be during Christmas (IF you’re looking for a Christmas celebration with programs and all). Maybe I sounded like a rebel, but no. It is my personal choice, and I’m not persuading a fellow member. After all, not all Baptist churches celebrate Christmas. Majority of Baptist churches follow the independent, localized church governance. Thus, the Baptist church in your own place probably is celebrating Christmas, but not the Baptist church in the next town/city or even the next block (in case of places where there is a “Bible Baptist belt”). There are many studies and Biblical passages that are said to defend the “no Christmas celebration” stance. It’s for you to read them (be it on the Net or library books) and decide.

However, regardless of your stand, I did the greeting anyway.

To all the Baptist brethren, may God bless you and may you be a blessing in this holiday season. You may not celebrate it, but since generosity and love (which epitomizes Christmas) don’t require celebration, let’s take advantage of the season.

Again, Merry Christmas to every one!

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