Wednesday, December 30, 2009

again again again

I don’t intend to dazzle people with my posts. If ever I have dazzled the readers (if there’s a reader), I’ll give God the glory. After all, everything good that people see in me, be it in actions, speech or writing, are only by God’s grace. Besides, the main purpose of my blog is self-expression. I will be honest for the nth time: this site was created for self expression and for that expression to be read out loud. I admire other blog sites or internet journals I read here for their cerebral, people-friendly, popular self-expression. I admit: I feel that I don’t belong on those.

If ever I touched someone’s lives in a positive manner because of my posts, it’s called Law of Unintended Consequences. Still, I am thankful for the positive reviews (if I have one). For the critics and haters (be it known or unknown), thank you very much. For the people who hated me to the point of indifference, it’s your choice, and I respect that choice.

I have said this before in my facebook account but in different sentence: everything good in me, God made it.

Maybe I have said these things a few times. I just got felt that I need to repeat these ones.

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