Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sufficient unto the day

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. SUFFICIENT UNTO THE DAY IS THE EVIL THEREOF.” (Matthew 6:34, ALL CAPS mine)

Last Friday and Saturday (September 25 & 26), Metro Manila was hit by the Typhoon Ondoy. It was Signal # 1. However, it’s the continuous downpour of rain that surprised us. It is not a surprise if you will hear the CAMANAVA area to be flooded during these times. However, for the first time in my entire 29 years of my life, I heard the news that Metro Manila is under the state of calamity. Why not? Rizal Province, CAMANAVA area, Marikina City, Taguig City, Pasig City, Makati City, even Quezon City (especially Araneta Avenue and New Manila) was hit by floodwaters big time. Even Marilao, Bulacan was hit (9 families of one of the Old Church’s daughter churches were hit). Now, the past few days, we were concerned, if not worried, because Typhoon Pepeng was approaching. I really prayed hard to God that the storm be vanished. Yes, it’s impossible, but it’s not wrong to pray for impossible things to happen. Most people I hear prayed that the storm’s direction be moved. I prayed for the storm to be thin air. I, and, I believe, most people be it here in Metro Manila or outside the Metro or even outside the Philippines prayed hard not to hit Metro Manila again. After all, Metro Manila is still recovering. Marikina was hit, even celebrities were not spared. Then, Friday came, I stayed at home for most of the day. The rain begins to pour. Then Saturday came, I stayed at home still, watching the news, or asking my cousin (who stays here in our house) for some updates if ever I happened to be in my room. Then Saturday afternoon, I heard that Pepeng changed direction. It moved to Cagayan, where it was declared Signal # 3. My prayer is answered, but not entirely. Why? I asked, not to question God, but because what is His purpose. Then, that Bible verse at the beginning of this post hit me. God never promised that evil things will just vanish away in our sight. However, the Bible says that you’ll not be given problems that you can’t handle. You’ll not be given so many problems that you’ll be overwhelmed. All the “evil things” will not happen to you in one single day. God will not allow that if you can’t handle it. How about Job, the epitome of strength through trials? Well, we truly don’t know what’s in God’s mind VERBATTIM, but we know Job made it through wth flying colors. I believe God allowed these things to happen to Job because He knows Job can make it. After all, God is Omniscient, He’s beyond time-and-space continuum.

Putting this verse in a parallel application, sometimes, problems that we are facing are just the right problem for us to face. I’ll not specify those problems for I am avoiding unnecessary back stabbing and/or confrontations. All of the bad things will not happen to a person on one single day. Instead, God will give you time to recover. Haven’t you wondered why some days are soooooo good? I don’t know per se what those good days meant to you, but for me, those soooo good days are a sign that i must gather my strength. I remember Elijah, when Queen Jezebel wanted to kill him despite doing the right thing. He requested God to take his life. However, God knows what He needs at that time. He gave Elijah food and water. He gathered his strength, and eventually, God revealed to him that he’s not the only one who is not bowing to the false god Baal.

On another angle, sometimes, we tend to boast that our problem is bigger than those people we know. People around us, when we’re face with problems, try to console and give some advice. Sometimes, we’ll drive them out, verbally or physically or mentally, saying that our problem is either different or bigger than theirs. That is pride and being “negatively boastful”. After all, we’re trying to say to them that our problem is bigger. Sometimes, we also tend not to listen to other people’s problem or we scoff or ridicule other people’s problems and how they handle it because we think it’s lighter than what we have encountered. Actually, it’s pride.

As a reflection, there is no such thing as people having bigger or smaller problems than we have. It’s just called problems, and problems that each individual faces are problems just right for them to handle. Thus, when we have surpassed them, instead ridiculing others for their petty problems, we must thank God for being true to His Word that “SUFFICIENT UNTO THE DAY IS THE EVIL THEREOF.” He’ll not allow to experience ALL the evil things at the same time.

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