Monday, October 5, 2009

"love" your job

“Love your job”. Strictly speaking, I can’t accept that. No, don’t get me wrong. Modesty aside, I’m not that lazy. Although I don’t like the “look busy” aura, I am not lazy. I was criticized because I always talk about teaching, youth ministry, than my day job, thus making me indifferent from my day job.

Donald Trump once said that the reason why he does what he does not mainly because of money; it’s the thrill of closing a business deal. Maybe you appreciate the concept of “loving” your job, but I think otherwise.

The best motivation for one to do his job or own business well is his family. They should be the reason why you “love your job”. That’s the reason one should not talk about his job when he gets home. It’s like a brand new car. You’ll take care of it. You’ll wax it once or twice a week. You’ll pay for it. You’ll clean it either by your self or you’ll pay your nearest car wash station (a hands-on clean up is still different). Why? You may say that you love your brand new car, but looking deeper, you do that because of various underlying motivation. In my case, I take of my car because my Mom spent so hard just to give it to me. That car for me is a symbol how my Mom loves, but I don’t love my car.

Teaching and youth ministry is not a mere job, especially the latter. Teaching is a vocation. Thus, more often than not, teachers tend to talk about school at home or bring their work home. That’s the reason the words “I love teaching” is like the sound of a graceful harp to me. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like my day job. Especially right now, my day job is beginning to be more and more mathematical to me. Besides, on a managerial point of view, I’m beginning to compare the leadership system of my day job and my part time teaching. My conclusion is that teaching is still my vocation, even though it’s only part time. It is an avenue of self expression and intellectual improvement (even though we may think our respective school seems like an intellectual dead end, it’s not), but my bread and butter is my day job.

I hope I don’t inter-change that.

Your job should just be a mean to a desired end. When I mean desired end, I just hope that it’s positive, like family and for God’s glory.

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