Saturday, September 5, 2009

Proud to be Humble

Humanly speaking, there are traits that we can be proud of, be it physical or personality-wise. We can proudly say that you’re a graduate of one of the finest schools in the Philippines. After all, your transcript of records says so. It may still depend on the beholder, but generally speaking, you can proudly say that you’re handsome or beautiful. You can proudly say that you’re intelligent. Your IQ test may say so that you’re a Mensan or a member of Mysterium, etc. You can be proud that you have a business empire. After all, if you reallyhave a business empire, people know your company. You can be proud that you’re street smart. In fact, street smart people often belittle the academic geniuses. Yeah, those sentences are open for opinion.

There is one that you can never be proud: being humble. The moment that you said that “you’re humble”, your so-called humility ends. If you grew up inside a church, you know the concept of pride and humility. I can still remember a comical sketch about a guy. He usually says, “In this church, I AM THE MOST HUMBLE.” Obviously, people will laugh, not only because of the style of delivery, but because of the irony of the statement.

Speaking of being proud and being humble, it is a fact that the church has no room for the proud, but gives praise to the humble. After all, there are many Bible verses that discourages being proud. There are Bible verses that give high regard and favor to the humble. If you’re a Bible reader, the previous sentences are not questionable (unless you love twisting someone else’s head with questions). Thus, whether a Christian admits or not, he will aspire to avoid being called PROUD. The proverbial anatomy of being humble is common. However, the proverbial anatomy of being proud is quite subjective. Yes, maybe someone will say that we have the Bible as the guideline: Lucifer (now Satan). Still, especially Christians, because of our old sin nature, we tend to be subjective on the proverbial anatomy of being proud.

Let me give an example. A person will go out of his car, oozing with confidence, putting his shades on because it’s noon time and it’s summer. More often than not, if the people around him don’t like him, he’ll be called proud or boastful. More often than not, we tend to call the people that we don’t like “proud” when we see that he’s confident, JUST TO RATIONALIZE OUR DISLIKE TO THE PERSON. If that is the case, we tend to be narrow and shallow just by doing that. No, I’ll correct that: we are narrow and shallow just by doing that. It’s like a girl calls the guy that she doesn’t like “immature”, ask the girl how she defines the word “mature”. She may give a witty lines, but still NO CONCRETE definition. Bottom line? She just doesn’t like the guy, and anything that comes after the word “because” are just rationalizations. WORST, those are just lame excuses.

The point is this: only God knows if the person is proud or not. The seemingly proud gestures are just syptoms, but even doctors will agree that syptoms can mean anything. After all, “the Lord trieth the hearts”.

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