Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Last time, I wrote in this post that a student of mine died of pneumonia.


If you’re reading my last post, you’ll see that one commented that it can be treated with antibiotics. She’s right. However, because of the declaration of the school, I didn’t dig deeper. Back then, students begin telling things, like it is injury related.

kay, as a backgrounder, let me share this: it all started when our school was preparing for the Sport Fest (which is officially opened yesterday, September 16). Of course, students are preparing for events like basketball, volleyball, cheer dancing. This particular group of students practiced their cheer dance outside the school. During one practice (September 7), that student was said to be injured. It was said that she fell “face flat”. I don’t know the details, but she was rushed to a government hospital. That hospital told them that it’s okay to send her home. That Monday night (September 7), she begins to feel so not well she needs to be rushed to the hospital. Few days, the school administration announced that she is pronounced DOA (dead on arrival). After all, it’s the alleged declaration of the doctor on duty. However, her mother said that she’s 60-40 (if you know what I mean) when she arrived at the hospital. She’s still alive when they arrived at the hospital.

Just today (immediately after 12mn), we went to the funeral. It was at that time that the student’s parents said they never said that their daughter died of pneumonia. Besides, few days back, the doctors/professors under the College of Nursing of that school are not convinced that it’s pneumonia.

The students are insured when they enrolled in that school in situations like this, provided that the cause of death is not by illness. The insurance covers only accident related deaths. In the student’s case, the accident happened OUTSIDE school (but said to be a school property, whatever that means). Following the trail, the student’s parents never received anything regarding this one.
Well, if the student’s insurance was paid, why was the school not giving it? Why not dig deeper on the cause of death, instead of declaring it pneumonia? There even arises a question if the student’s insurance is updated or not, DESPITE OF THE STUDENT PAYING THE SCHOOL CONSISTENTLY (I can attest to this: I signed her test permit. Test permits are given only to those who are paid). Why not give to the student what is due her? Why declare it pneumonia when even independent doctors said that the symptoms are indicators of internal hemorrhage (injury-related because of the practice)?

My stand on this one? The doctor/s who declared the student DOA and the school administration must be held accountable on whatever accountabilities deemed appropriate for them. The insurance covering the student must also create an independent investigation (which they usually do anyway). However, more often than not, the insurance will find any loopholes surrounding her death, just to avoid additional costs on their part (it’s business anyway).

This afternoon, the student will be buried. However, before the burial, it was said that an investigating team (SOCO) investigated on this one.

Still, at the end of the day, I hope and pray that the truth will eventually come out piercing to people accountable on this. I can’t help but think of other issues connected to this. I hope and pray that the student’s death be given the appropriate justice. We can’t bring the person back to life. The least that we can do is give her parents that the thing they deserve on this.

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