Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simple, yet DIGNIFIED LIFE?!?

I heard that GMA is planning to purchase a jet. When I say GMA, it means her administration. Oh well, I don’t want to say lengthy statements on this matter. Let the editorial columnists, cartoonists, writers, email groups, other bloggers, etc do that. What’s wrong for a President of a State to have a jet just like US has its Air Force One, and UK has its Royal Airforce? The answer lies between the lines of the question. US and UK are rich countries. They’re considered 1st world countries. In fact, they are members of G-8.

Besides, for a poor country to have a very rich president is so wrong. Whatever happened to the “simple, yet dignified living” slogan of GMA’s administration when she’s still new in the Presidency? Chung Hee Park, the President of South Korea after the Korean War, died a simple man, despite the fact that South Korea’s economy is booming in 1981, the day of his death.

Okay, maybe the intention is good. Security reasons. Good impression. Blah blah blah. Before you do that, I think let’s clean our mess first. Besides, lets go back to the basic unit of our society – our family. Your family’s poverty is also your poverty. Your prosperity should also be their prosperity. Their pain should also be your pain. Their problem should also be your problem. Anyone not doing this is not a good family member. Also, anyone rebutting this truth is foolish, devilish, and nonsense.

I hope I made my message clear regarding that issue.

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