Monday, August 10, 2009

Questions are wrong?

Is it wrong to ask questions? Recently, asking questions have not been my cup of tea. Being a teacher and a learner, asking questions are part of my life. I may not ask questions vocally, but I ask it online or in my head. As learning experience goes by, I now ask questions because I really don’t know it or I am interested.

Well, for people who wanted to be a friend of all, the answer is IT DEPENDS. Well, I think the play safe people are right this time. It depends on the questions. After all, “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver”. It also depends on how it was asked. PLUS, we have to face this truth and not deny this: it also depends WHO is asking the question. Maybe it’s wrong to ask questions if it is I who will ask the questions. I’ll just sound sarcastic and BOASTFUL.
It is said that in Bible seminaries, professors lament that freshman students ask so many questions, sometimes just because to impress them. In other words, asking questions are a proof of boastfulness.

Again, IT DEPENDS. That’s where human behavior pattern comes in. Asking questions per se, especially if you just want to know the truth (and not to impress your classmates by asking tough questions to your professors [or testing them]), is not wrong. However, there are people around you who will not understand and will never understand the way you ask questions. Why? Those people may rationalize it, but the bottomline? They just don’t like you.

Now, when you’re in that situation, what will you do? Pragmatists will stop attending at that joint. After all, they will not “waste” their time on people that don’t like them. You may also STILL join THAT JOINT and be tough enough to face the green eyed crowd of hating your inquisitive gut. After all, you’re brothers, right?
Or you can pray God FIRST to change your perspective before you enter that JOINT next week in the morning. At that point, maybe the right questions will start coming out of your mouth. Never mind the green dagger eyes. Let them self contradict.

However, because you’re faced with that crowd, just ask the JOINT leader PRIVATELY after his lecture with the JOINT.

Only paid professors can be asked INSIDE the classroom DURING CLASS HOURS, and students who call you boastful when you do that are wasters of their paid tuition.

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