Thursday, August 20, 2009

Any good news out there?

Even if it’s tempting to say things on socio-political issues, I’m trying not to comment. If ever I’ll comment, I’ll try to make it short. Man, they’re even larger than life. Besides, we are full of people commenting on this and that, without recommending any solution. I salute Atty. Alex Lacson for publishing a book entitled “12 Little Things a Filipino can do”. He didn’t stop on purely commenting on issues, he wrote a book. Yes, people may still ignore because of their pessimistic nature, but at least Atty. Lacson tried.

Where are the optimists? There are too many critics with no actions nowadays. I can still recall how a email group junked my proposed topic “Good news”. The moderators euphemistically cited it as “Good news are good, BUT the by-laws are saying that the discussions here are purely social issues.” I rest my case after that.

My point? More often than not, no one will dare speak one good news a day, like God is doing them a favor. Yes, they may laugh and joke during that day, but ask them any good news, they can’t make one. I was glad when my thread entitled “Pour in the Good News” was allowed by a cartoonist’s forum site. Until now, the thread is still being visited by forum members, after one year that I created the thread (my longest active thread). In that thread, I told them to share good news, be it simple or complicated or popular. People started to pour in good news, like passing an exam, having a new job, having an increase, having passed a certain audition or screeing, etc. Every time I visit the thread I created, I’m happy to see ONE NEW GOOD NEWS
I don’t say that we ignore what the papers, the TV news are saying. I don’t say let’s be UTOPIC. I don’t say that we ignore the real world and go to fantasy land. What I’m trying to say is that despite a bad day, there’s still hope, and please, don’t mention your problem as if your problem is bigger than the people around you. After all, the rapture didn’t happen yet.
Try doing the good news sharing. It creates wonders.

Before I close this post, allow me to share this Good News to you:

Jesus Christ died for your sins, and if you admit to Him that you’re a sinner and accept Him as Lord and Savior, you’ll go to Heaven. Relationship with Jesus Christ, not religion, saves.

That’s the greatest Good news ever. Still, the decision is yours if you like this good news or not.

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