Monday, August 10, 2009


Recently, I turned 29. I celebrated my 29th birthday last Tuesday, August 4. I celebrated it with few people. Actually, I’m not that festive on my birthdays. Just with family, some relatives, and some friends who accepted the invitation.
In the Old Church, only 3 of my batchmates greeted me. If not for my current youth leader and 2 backup leaders, no one in the group will know. While other August celebrants have the pleasure of being greeted publicly, my birthday was simply celebrated. By the way, I may have said my birthday in this post, but usually, I’m not very vocal about my birthday. I admit, the other side of me wanted to shout “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” However, the another side of me is contented enough to simply accept the greetings of people who knew my birthday. Still, the best thing is that God gave me another year, it’s all by God’s grace.
(Allow me to say this: no matter how good you desired to be, no matter how morally good to the point you don’t even receive a single rebuke from some authority figures, we’ll still go back to God’s grace.)
Again, I thank God for giving me another year.

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camery said...

Belated Happy Birthday :))