Friday, July 17, 2009

Class Suspension and Attendance

Today is my very first experience of suspension of a class – AS A COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR. However, the declaration was made AFTER my lecture. Thus, technically, I still didn’t experience any class suspension. Although my other teaching schedule for the day was suspended because of the rain showers.

When I was a student, I like class suspension because I can sleep all I want. When I was a high school teacher, I want at least one day of class suspension for me to do my lesson plan well in advance. Not only that, I can solve equations all I want.

However, right now, it was quite different. Yes, I still want to have that rest day. From Monday – Sunday, I don’t have any day off. Yes, I still go to office during Saturdays, but it’s usually half day. However, right now, I don’t like any class suspension. No, I’m not brutal or cruel to the students.

Basically right now, I don’t like class suspension (except if it really rained hard or the government people like CHEd or DOLE say so). It’s counter-productive. If you’re engaged in a business, you understand what I’m trying to say. The students don’t realize it, but if your professor is always present (if possible never absent, except class suspensions), your progress in lesson is significant. Your professor may not be the best teacher around, but if he’s always present in your class, your lesson will surely progress. In my case, we’re only delayed by 1 or 2 lessons (due to shortened class). If I am always absent, what will happen to my class? Even the tardiest and laziest student doesn’t like his or her professors always late and always absent.

Another reason why I don’t like (as much as possible) class suspension is because, I admit, I like teaching. I like being with students. I have said this before: school and the campus atmosphere bring the idealism back in me. Teaching is therapeutic to me.

Since I am talking about class attendance and class suspension, let me take this opportunity to plead to the students out there.

Attend your class regularly. If ever you want to absent yourself in the class, be sure it is really important. In my current college, in a 1.5 hour, 3 unit class, a student can have 6 absences. Beyond that, he or she will be considered drop. In that case, a student must only use those 6 absences on important matters (or if he or she is really sick). Beyond that, he or she must attend his or her class. Like I said, your professor may not be the best teachers around. He may be the most boring (by the way, you’re not in school to be entertained; you’re there to learn). He may be full of himself. He is maybe a loud mouth. However, I’m sure that you’ll progress if you regularly attend your class. Please don’t aspire for class suspensions. Students, you’re in the losing end if your classes are always suspended.

Now, in case classes are suspended, before you go out there and enjoy, take at least one or two hours to study your lessons or read some good, intelligent reading materials. If you’re not a book gal or guy, help your parents with the chores (very high school, but hey, it never hurts to help your parents). Class suspension like this is also a perfect time to organize your things. After that, enjoy your youth days by going out with family and friends (Just be careful. It’s a stormy day. The road is slippery.)

Anyway, you know where this is heading, college students. You’re old enough.

Despite those reminders, let me tell you this: enjoy your weekend!

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