Thursday, June 4, 2009

Part timer finally!

I attended a faculty orientation yesterday. Yes, you read it right: FACULTY ORIENTATION. I am now a part time faculty member of one of the colleges somewhere in Quezon City. It is an answered prayer for me because not only I can only teach on a part time basis, but the school is in Quezon City area. The pay is decent for a part time lecturer of that college.

By the looks of it, the schedule is awesome, if you desire to take up graduate studies after work; there are no classes beyond 5:30pm. Isn’t it cool? By the looks of it, they’re liberal enough to their professors when it comes to graduate studies.

Contrary to popular belief in the public school where I last taught, I never resigned because “I looked for a greener pasture”. Yes, I said that as an excuse. It is not MAINLY because my former department coordinator put things personal (and I’m not even fighting back, because I respect her). There are two main reasons: 1) I can’t continue my graduate study if I continue teaching in that school. People from that school may deny it one way or the other, but during my first three months in that school, I was denied POINT BLANK by a veteran teacher (now retired). Well, maybe there are policies behind that (3 years or so, but hey, one teacher was denied study permit and she’s more than 3 years when she asked for that) or the narrow-mindedly mentioned “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” statement. Oh, by the way, while I am doing my survey in that school, I unintentionally overheard a teacher asking her immediate head that she’s continue her graduate study. Her immediate head denied her POINT BLANK. 2) Now, this is weightiest reason among the two: my ex-girlfriend pushed me to resign in teaching, and join the family business. Her reasons are valid and practical enough: I’ll not earn much in teaching and we need money for our wedding (during those times). Plus, I’m tied up in a schedule (unlike in our family business). Because of those reasons, I resigned. Yes, it’s stupid. After all, I supposed to have a mind of my own (in a human sense of a word), but there she was, released the stupidity out of me (you know the story if you follow my blogs [with no threat by the way]) (Note: if you know her, there’s a chance she’ll deny that she’s also responsible for my resignation. She will say that she allows me to decide. It is partially correct, BUT with discomforts). I resigned. Yes, I’m earning bigger, but I thought my life will be a bit easier. It’s not. Those who know me and REALLY KNOW the entire story can attest to that. I just stated those two reasons.

Well, that’s part of my past. Now, I’m into part time teaching. My Mom is supportive of my idea. Besides, it’s only twice a week. It will be my first time to teach College. That’s why I still don’t know what to expect, despite being oriented. I’m excited to teach this coming June 17 (my first day in teaching college).

I hope and I pray that I’ll not be at odds with my colleagues and higher ups (except if my faith is hit or insulted).

Honestly, I still can’t imagine being called “professor”.

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