Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My first day as a College Lecturer

Today is my first day as a college lecturer in one of the colleges here in Quezon City.

No, I don't consider myself as a professor. I consider myself a lecturer. I can also be considered as an instructor. Still, there's nothing more classic than being called "teacher".

For the first time, after 5 years, i am teaching again. Yes, last year I was invited to give a 2 hour lecture (and was paid generously) on editorial cartooning and comic strip drawing, BUT this one is as a classroom lecturer.

Teaching has always been my first love. It was taken away from me by events that needs a lot of explanation. Still, the good news is this: I'm back as a teacher even if it's part time.

Other people find it boastful or proud if someone shares things that he knows. Chances are, you'll have the "bida man" tag (the tag I dreaded the most, but I have to accept) I don't know your opinion on this, guys and gals, but it's more proud and boastful NOT to share what knowledge you know. I shake my head when I see people talking about someone's lack of knowledge on their specific topic of interest. You want to tell these people. "Then, why didn't you tell him? STOP IT AND SHUT UP!"

For me, sharing what you know is never boastful or proud, unless you intentionally want to pull them down. If you want to help, it's not being boastful to share things...if you really want to help.

By the way, I just met my first class. I'm teaching Statistics in that class. I hope and I pray that the students will learn something good from me, even if they learn only one.

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