Monday, June 15, 2009

moving on is also forgiving on

Can you really move on and live a peaceful life by not forgiving or, in some cases, asking forgiveness?
It’s a universal truth that we, human as we are, will surely commit mistakes, one way or another. Because of that universal truth (actually, it’s a Biblical truth: we are sinners. A person can only be a saint if he admits his being a sinner, accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but that’s a different topic). Acknowledging that truth, we have no choice but to forgive if someone wronged us, and ask forgiveness if we are wrong. It’s hard to forgive a person, especially if what he did to you is heinous. However, one way or another, we commit mistakes. If a relationship went wrong and the couple decided to break off the relationship, more often than not, it is a two-way fault. Most of the times, it is not the fault of only one person. After all, it is called a relationship.
Recently, I heard that someone can move on and live a peaceful and quiet life without forgiving. Yes, there are people who can move on and live quietly without admitting his or her mistakes. After all, there are chances that that person doesn’t know what he or she really did wrong. However, a person who has the capacity to move on and live peacefully WITHOUT forgiveness? It’s quite new. Honestly, I just can’t imagine and reconcile “moving on WITHOUT forgiving on”. No, please don’t get me wrong. For me, moving on and unforgiving spirit are irreconcilable. When you say that you moved on, it means you settled with your past one way or another on your terms (not on other people think). Yes, a person who is moving on will still feel the pain, but the effort and struggle to forgive will surely be there.
You can never move on without forgiving or asking forgiveness. It’s the main essence of moving on: forgiveness. I just can’t imagine the person who said that. First, how can that person move on without forgiving the person? Second, how can that person love when that person is so unforgiving? There is surely an “anomaly in the variables” if the person can do that. Either that person is lying or in the denial process.
Again, you can never move on and live a peaceful life without forgiveness.
I hope that everyone is a good sport in those paragraphs that I mentioned.

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