Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Bida Man" dug deeper

Recently, there’s one term or lingo or slang (what can you call this? Please help) that I learned: BIDA MAN. Bida man are two words: one English (Man), one Tagalog , BIDA. Bida means “main protagonist”. Defining it literally, it means “male protagonist”. However, since this is slang, let me share what this literally means: a man who is so full of himself (as the male protagonist, or the bida, is the MAIN MAN). Normally, whenever a guy exudes confidence, people, one way or another, will label you “bida man. You may put “bida man” as egoistic, self centered, proud, boastful, anything that is synonymous with the word pride. As a Christian Baptist, pride is a sin. The Bible says it goes before destruction. If you know your Bible, pride is the downfall of formerly Lucifer, now Satan. Thus, if you’re a Christian, there are no objections to the danger of real pride and boastfulness. Yes, a real Bida Man is a picture of OUTWARD pride…BUT THAT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORD PRIDE.
I know the Old Church may call me names, or worst, give me an indifferent look, when I say this: there’s the danger of labeling someone BIDA MAN, EVEN IF THERE ARE SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS INDICATIONS. Here are those:
1) It teaches false humility. – You know, the “silence means humility”. This is common in Filipinos. Bluntly, it’s not automatically that. It’s so easy to keep your mouth, and hide the pride.
2) It teaches people to SHUT UP, not humble down – this one is quite right. We have to admit, that it’s right to shut up…but, just like talking, there’s time for silence.
3) It subliminally teaches us to have bad posture – do you remember someone taught you the proper posture? A posture that has confidence? Nowadays, especially in youth groups, be it church or non-government orgs, whether they admit it or not, implies that this is plainly proud or, well, bida man. Yes, humility is reflected on the posture (the “proud look” part of a specific Bible verse…), but bad posture, my brethren and friends, can also mean PRIDE HELD BACK AND PUT WITHIN. Besides, calling person proud SIMPLY because of posture is, SIMPLY PUT, judgmental and quite spiritually childish.
4) It teaches you not to volunteer – this one is another weakness of Filipinos. Volunteer, and be tagged a Bida Man. That is just soooooo wrong! Especially in the ministry, volunteerism is an asset. It cuts the time in half (how many times have we heard this: “who will volunteer? Anyone…Anyone…Come on…anyone?”). It minimizes the pastor’s/leader’s headache. Okay, the one who volunteered may have a different motive (to be a show-off for example), BUT THAT IS ANOTHER STORY. However, volunteerism per se is not wrong. Where and why he or she is volunteering is another story.
Those are just the few that I can think. No, I don’t say that we should be proud or anything. All I’m saying is, as a brother in Christ, we put it in a right perspective, the way we correct our fellow brother or sister in Christ. After all, Satan is the first Bida Being, but his was not manifested outwardly. That inward pride marks his downfall even from the beginning.
By the way, if you don’t like to speak the truth, be it soul winning or defending Biblical truths, because you’ll be ridiculed, that’s real pride. If you don’t want to forgive, it’s pride in form of unforgiving spirit. If you don’t want to ask forgiveness, it’s pride in form of un-repentance. If you don’t want to clean the church toilet, yet wanted to be with the girls or boys after the service (nothing wrong with that, but if you’re delegated to clean them, that’s another story), there’s a glimpse of pride in that. Even hating bida men inappropriately is pride in form of insecurity. You see all of us are guilty of being BIDA MAN/BOY or BIDA WOMAN/GIRL. ALL OF US. The only difference is who hides it well, who doesn’t.
The only cure for being a real BIDA MAN? I John 1:9. Confess the sin (pride is a sin). God will surely forgive us. Once we confessed it, surrendering that sin will be easier.
Whenever you see a SEEMINGLY BIDA MAN, don’t judge right away. Instead, be reminded of our own pride. Be introspective in this matter. After all, all of us are bida men, one way or another.

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